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The life of Hunter Biden’s wife seemed difficult for Kathleen Boulet, who faced financial problems and constant infidelity during their marriage. She now chronicles their life together in a future memoir.f We breakabout the last heartbreak he caused, which opened her eyes to how she and their daughters, Naomi, 28, Finnegan, 23, and Maisie, 21, should live their lives moving forward.

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Hunter Biden describes how his relationship with Bo’s brother’s widow, Hallie, became something more

After Beau Biden’s death in May 2015 from brain cancer, Hunter focused on building the Beau Biden Foundation with Beau’s widow, Hallie, and Joe and Jill Biden as a way to channel their grief. Bule didn’t give much thought to her husband’s absence, though she wished he’d spent more time at home with their family rather than with Hallie. However, things didn’t work out financially: mysterious payments on their credit cards, manicure visits, and a trip to Lake Tahoe, according to an excerpt from her book in People. That’s when one day changed the whole course of her life.

The middle daughter, Finnegan, was in therapy with her counselor, Debbie, when she asked her mother to come to her appointment immediately. Naomi joined them on the phone while Debbie delivered the devastating news as her daughter didn’t have the heart to tell her. “Debbie looked me in the eye and calmly said, ‘Kathleen, Hunter is having an affair with Hallie,’” the excerpt reads. “‘My God.’ That’s all I said. Was it like a shock? ‘How do you know?’ I finally asked.The young women discovered Hunter and Halley’s texts and lived with this dark secret in the hope of somehow protecting their mother.

For Buchle, the moment became a “strange excuse” as she watched the world wash over Finnegan’s face after he no longer hid such terrible news. “Not only was I not crazy, but it was much worse than I could have imagined. I was shocked, but not heartbroken,” writes Boulet. “A broken heart has already lowered my self-esteem in the past year.” However, this revelation changed the rules of the game in her family. As devastating as this information was, it prompted her to seek a new mantra for life: “Tell the whole truth.” After several years of turbulent marriage, Bule found the answer she had been looking for all along. “No more secrets.” she writes. This idea was a relief.”

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