Katie Price and Carl Woods show off new faces after lip fillers and Botox

Katie Price and Carl Woods together they went to beauticians to inject a series of Botox and fillers into their faces.

The engaged couple headed to the clinic just a few days after getting identical blonde hairdos.


Carl Woods and Katie Price did anti-wrinkle injections together1 credit

Carl was the first at the table to receive several injections of Botox into his forehead wrinkles and lines.

“A little refreshment to get rid of some deep wrinkles,” said their consultant Ellie Mae McKenzie.

Carl could be seen telling her, “You’ll make me look brand new.”

The video then showed Carl sitting patiently while the needles were stabbed in his forehead and then joking with Ellie.

Then it was Katie’s turn and she explained that it had been a very long time since she’d had fillers on her lips.

“In Ellie’s hands, these are the best hands because she is good at what she does,” Katie explained.

Katie Price begs her sister to invite Carl to her wedding after charges are dropped
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“I need a lot of anesthetic cream because even the sight of a needle gives me goosebumps.”

Katie explained that she had her lip fillers dissolved and felt she looked “wrinkled and old” with “thin lips”.

“If any of you watched MasterChef, my lips were disgustingly thin, like spaghetti,” she said.

Katie later showed off the end result, admitting that her lips would eventually shrink in size because she was so swollen.

“Today I am so happy with my lips, my cupid bow turned out beautiful,” she said.

The TV star then leaned back in her chair to get her own series of anti-wrinkle injections.

Katie and Carl have become more like each other after he drastically changed his hair last week.

The pair were spotted with identical blonde hair, tattooed arms and mirrored sunglasses after he stepped out of the salon.

He previously speculated that it was because of Katy that he was wearing make-up while the couple sat side by side in the salon.

In a video posted to her Instagram, she asked him, “What did you do?”

He replied: “Blonde highlights – because of you.”

Cathy told him, “You are turning into that pretty boy that I love. Wow, I love it.”

Their couple’s cosmetic procedure came after Katie desperately begged her sister Sophie to invite her fiancé to her wedding this weekend.

The car dealer is not currently on the guest list due to his ongoing relationship with Kathy, as well as issues with partner Sophie Garry.

But Katie, 44, believes he should be able to attend now after he has been cleared of threatening behavior charges.

An insider told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “Karl didn’t get an invite as things looked shaky between him and Katy when the invites went out, but now he and Katy are fine again and he doesn’t have a trial date, Katy is begging to be invited to the this big day.

“But the guest list is tight and nobody wants drama on Sophie’s big day.”

Sophie and Harry are getting married on Saturday, while Katy spent last weekend celebrating a bachelorette party with her mom Amy and the princess.

Last week, Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that Carl’s threatening behavior charge following an argument with Katy was dropped.

The 33-year-old is said to have “relieved himself” after a lack of evidence meant his trial was cancelled.

Carl was charged with using threatening, abusive or offensive words or behavior following the incident last August.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court learned that he “tried to break into the house after arguing with Cathy and yelling in the street”.

Back in March, Karl appeared in court, where, with the support of his fiancée, he pleaded not guilty.

The groom-to-be was released on unconditional bail and his trial was scheduled to begin on Thursday.

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But the case has since been dropped because “there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction”.

Sophie, who gave birth to her first child last year, announced her engagement in March.

Kathy got lip fillers back.


Kathy got lip fillers back.1 credit
Kathy said her lips looked 'like spaghetti' without fillers


Kathy said her lips looked ‘like spaghetti’ without fillers1 credit
Carl got Botox in his forehead wrinkles and on his forehead


Carl got Botox in his forehead wrinkles and on his forehead1 credit

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