Katie Price begins work on an explosive 7th autobiography in which she attacks ex-Peter André, Kieran Heiler and Pete’s wife Emily.

KATIE Price has begun work on her seventh candid autobiography, which will feature revelations about her ex-husbands and Peter André’s wife Emily.

We first revealed Katy’s plans for a seventh book in 2019 when the star was offered a six-figure publishing deal.


Katie Price will tell everything in her seventh autobiography

Peter Andre and his wife Emily appear in the book Katie.


Peter Andre and his wife Emily appear in the book Katie.

Katie has promised it will be her most explosive film ever, and there is no shortage of content after a tumultuous two years of finding love with fiancé Carl Woods, breaking her legs in a horrific fall, narrowly escaping jail after a drunk driving accident and in public. call Emily Andre on social media.

Earlier this week, Katie and Karl were photographed with publisher and public relations expert Diana Colbert, who represented her when she split from Pete in 2009.

Kristen Bell Tattoos contacted Diana for comment.

Vowing to change her life and spend 2022 drama-free, Katie plunged into work.

She has two Channel 4 television projects in the works, one documenting the transformation of her Mucky mansion and the other a one-off mental health documentary.

Away from work, Katie recently harassed Emily André on Instagram, telling her, “You will never be the parents of my children.”

When asked, Katie struggled to see her ex-Peter happy 13 years after their divorce, a spokesperson said. Mirror“This is all very boring and Kate is looking forward to her own wedding to Karl Woods this year.

They added, “Something is happening behind the scenes and we have to agree that Emily is not innocent.”

The 43-year-old previously shared a magazine cover photo with Emily.

In an already deleted post, she wrote: “My mouth has been shut for so long, but I’m sick of people selling stories about me, especially this so-called @dr_emily_official woman.

“I always said I didn’t want to be famous, but it’s not so bad to stay away from the media and television, and now I’m trying to make a career out of it.

“So cringe, she used my kids to make money from photo shoots, but she covers her children’s faces!”

Former glamor model Katie launched a string of charges against Emily, writing, “She claims to be a doctor who clearly has no idea about mental health.

“Oh, and forbade my daughter to visit me in Priory when she wanted to see her mother.

“She is so jealous of my relationship with the princess and humiliates me.

“Emily, you are not and never will be the parent of my children, so stay out of your business, you are so two-faced and definitely not the person you portray in front of the public.”

So far, Emily has not commented on the attacks from her ex-husband in any way.

A body language expert suggested that she “takes no offense” at Katie during her speech at Free Women earlier this week.

She remained cool during the interview the day after Katie’s outburst, although she declined to comment.

Sources told Kristen Bell Tattoos that Katie’s comments were motivated by Emily’s remark in an interview with the magazine that she was “working hard to keep things consistent” for Pete and Katie’s children, Junior and Princess.

Pete and Emily were married in July 2015 and have children, Theo and Amelia.

The Mysterious Girl singer and Katie are raising 16-year-old son Junior and 14-year-old daughter Princess.

Katie has reunited with her former publicist Diana Colbert.


Katie has reunited with her former publicist Diana Colbert.1 credit
Katie Price reveals she is covering her Mucky Mansion with fake grass and tells fans, “I love being creative.”

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