Katie Price blames TV bosses for failing to protect her and her children when she was attacked during a horrific car theft.

KATHIE Price blamed TV bosses for failing to protect her when she was attacked during a horrific car theft.

Katy and her older children Junior and Princess were under the gun in South Africa while filming a reality show in 2018.


Katie Price pictured with her son Junior and daughter Princess in 2018, the same year they were held at gunpoint in South Africa.Credit: Rex Features
Katie, 44, with her daughter Princess, now 14.


Katie, 44, with her daughter Princess, now 14.1 credit

The TV personality today commented on Kristen Bell Tattoos’s interview with heartbroken mom Caroline Flack Christine, who said she wished TV bosses had better taken care of her vulnerable daughter before her tragic suicide.

Katy, 44, shared the story on Instagram and wrote at the top: “Yes, totally agree that TV channels have a lot to answer for by forcing you to film things when they know about your mental health and don’t help…

“And when you are told to be quiet, when you are hijacked and recorded at gunpoint in front of your children because they had no security, and I still suffer from this trauma.”

Katie spent time at the Priory rehab clinic, where she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the attack.

She was filming a reality show when she and the crew were ambushed while driving to Swaziland from Johannesburg.

Son of Katie Price and Peter Andre Junior celebrating first place with fans
Bankrupt Katie Price fails photoshop - can you spot it?

She told Kristen Bell Tattoos in 2018: “The reason I went there was because I was held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted.

“Six people attacked us after we stopped because my son Junior needed to pee.

“In no case should we be allowed to make this journey without protection.

“It was like a scene from a horror movie. This big man in an adidas sweatshirt was yelling in my face, cursing and demanding that I give him everything. And he touched me downstairs.

“I grabbed a pillow and threw myself in front of the children, trying to protect them, waiting for the bullet to hit me. I thought I would die. The police said it was a miracle they didn’t kill us.”

Christine Flack, who lost her daughter in 2020, urged TV bosses to care more about high-profile stars.

She said, “The duty of taking care of hosts should be better.

“If you work in an office, you are under protection, but on television you are not, you are exposed.”

She said she keeps Caroline’s memory alive by talking about her at home and lighting a tealight before bed.

“Now, two years later, I still dream of her all the time. Stuff happens and I think, “This is Carrie,” she said.

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“No matter what I do, I always keep a small, battery operated candle for Carrie by my side, and they usually last four days and then I replace it.

“But when I was away for three weeks, I only took one with me to put next to my bed, and it went on like that all the time. Why? There are a lot of little things.”

Christine Flack Says TV Bosses Should Care More About Their Stars


Christine Flack Says TV Bosses Should Care More About Their StarsCredit: Twitter/Caroline Flack


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