Katie Price confused fans by posting photos from Kieran Heiler’s wedding

KATIE Price stunned fans by posting a snapshot of her wedding to Kieran Hayler.

A 43-year-old girl and a 34-year-old former stripper got married in 2013.


Katie Price shared her memories of her wedding to Kieran Hayler in 2013.Credit: CatyPrice / Instagram
Katie and Kieran were married from 2013 to 2018.


Katie and Kieran were married from 2013 to 2018.Credit: Dan Charity – Kristen Bell Tattoos

But after five years of marriage, Katie left Kieran for good after being accused of treason.

And earlier today, Katie would definitely embarrass fans after she shared a snapshot of her special day with her eldest son, Harvey, 19, on her Instagram story.

A mother of five children signed the post: “I love it” with an emoticon in the form of a heart of love.

Katie and Kieran ended their marriage in 2018 after she found out he cheated on their nanny.

The couple officially divorced in July 2021, three years after their bitter breakup.

The former married couple have two children: Bunny, seven, and Jett, eight.

Now Kiran is madly in love with the bride Michelle Penticost.

They got engaged in March 2020, and their first child, Apollo Phoenix, was born in August 2021.

Michelle also has a son, Valentino, from a previous relationship.

Meanwhile, Katie is also set to tie the knot with fiancé Karl Woods very soon.

They started dating in June 2020 and announced that they would be Mr. and Mrs. last April.

Katie recently revealed that they have set a wedding day to finally tie the knot.

The former glamor model opened up to her makeup artist on social media, confirming that she had ordered glamor on this big day.

Katie has already given huge hints that she is going to marry Karl this year after a traumatic few months in an Instagram tip.

Now the media personality has confirmed that she has a BOOKED makeup artist for her wedding day, as she and her future husband set a date.

MUA Fern Howe-Shepherd took to Instagram to tell fans in detail that she is taking orders for wedding dates from 2022 to 2023.

Katie responded in the comments, hinting at her upcoming wedding along with a series of fiery emoticons, “Yes, we have a date.”

Katie and Karl are also hoping to have children of their own.

Back in November, a media personality reported that they had “been trying to get pregnant for ages,” but so far unsuccessfully.

But the couple may be forced to turn to surrogacy or IVF for their long-awaited child, as Katy revealed in a new podcast.

The former glamor model had a tough birth with her two youngest children and spoke out about whether she could physically relive the pregnancy and childbirth again.

Katie shared: “As for the caesarean section, I went to the doctor and I can do another one … But now I’m 43 years old, your eggs are dropping. And I’m like, “Oh my God,” because I feel young, but your body is getting old. whether you like it or not. “

Talking about Netmums, she continued, “I’m trying! If not, I would have made a surrogate mother – obviously with Karl’s bits and my bits.

“IVF is another option that we are considering, because we tried for ages, but nothing worked, so we went the IVF route.

“They said that even if I lived to be 12 weeks old, they would have to get the emergency stitching that I had with Bunny. So everything is complicated. “

Katie is also the mom of Junior, 16, and Princess, 15, whom she shares with ex-husband Peter Andre.

Katie and Kieran got their final divorce last year.


Katie and Kieran got their final divorce last year.Credit: Rex Features.
Kiran with her two children Jett and Bunny


Kiran with her two children Jett and BunnyCredit: see Signature
Katie with her fiancé Karl Woods


Katie with her fiancé Karl WoodsCredit: Social Media – link to source
Katie has been married three times


Katie has been married three timesCredit: Getty
I am marrying Karl in England so that my terminally ill mother can be there, – says Katie Price, revealing the wedding plans.

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