Katie Price Dodges Jail for texting ‘dirty sex’ to Kieran Hayler’s fiancee

KATHIE Price Escaped Jail Today After Texting Her Ex Kieran Hayler’s Fiancée “Dirty Sex”.

The reality TV star, 43, has violated an injunction after sharing a “vile and nasty” message directed at Michelle Penticost.


Katie Price escaped jail for violating a restraining order
She directed an X-rated flare at journalists when she arrived at court.


She directed an X-rated flare at journalists when she arrived at court.1 credit

Katie admitted to the charge in Lewis Crown Court last month, turning sharply after previously denying it in Magistrates’ Court.

Her defense today argued that the spectacular descent was an “apology” to Michelle.

Cathy managed to avoid jail despite being warned by a judge that she was “at risk” of going to jail.

Instead, she was handed an 18-month public order, 170 hours of unpaid work and £1,500.

Katie Price was spotted crying at her makeup class as she faces jail today
Katie Price begged her sister to postpone the wedding in case she was sent to prison

The former glamor model faces up to five years in prison.

The reality TV star spent 12 hours in police custody after being arrested at her dingy mansion in January.

She wrote to Kieran: “Tell your shitty bastard, piece of shit, girlfriend, not to start on me.

“She has a restraining order so don’t try to oppose me as she is violating it and I’m sure she doesn’t want people to know that she had an affair with you behind my back. “

In a statement about the emotional impact on the victim, Michelle said that she was afraid that Cathy would attack her and was worried about her son.

Mom added: “The impact of what Mrs. Price did was detrimental to my mental well-being.

“I’m scared of the expressions used. I am worried and afraid that she will attack me. I thought having a restraining order would make me feel safe.”

Nicholas Hamblin, who represents Cathy, said she “misunderstood” that the restraining order “works both ways.”

He also claimed that she “overreacted as she felt she was being criticized”.

Mr. Hamblin added, “It wasn’t Cathy who started.”

Katie has already been given a 16-week suspended sentence for drunk driving after she flipped her BMW in a horrific accident in September.

A person can be recalled to prison for a term of probation if they have violated the terms of their license.

Usually, the court, when sentencing, focuses on the new crime committed and takes into account the original term as an aggravating factor.

In this case, Cathy could have been imprisoned for five years, with 16 weeks running concurrently or potentially in excess of the main sentence.

The court was told that she was battling a “depressive disorder and anxiety” and sought help from the Priory.


In 2019, Katy was sentenced to five years in prison after she called Michelle a “fucking whore” during a tirade at the school gates.

She was forbidden to contact Michelle “directly or indirectly”.

Accusation is the latest twist in the hectic life of a restless star.

She was recently charged with speeding her BMW on a 60 mph road and will stand trial for the crime in July.

In December, Kathy managed to avoid jail for overturning her car in a drunken accident.

Kathy was on her way to visit a friend because she was “lonely” when she flipped her BMW in Horsham, West Sussex, in September.

The judge convicted her because she believed she was “above the law” but could not send her to prison due to a loophole in the law.


In handing down the verdict, District Judge Amanda Kelly said, “When you decided to drive that night, you showed no concern for others.

“You could have killed someone. Your actions meant that the emergency services had to waste their precious time.

“You deliberately and deliberately violated the decision of the court and not for the first time.

“You seem to think you’re above the law.”

The judge also said that Price, who has six previous driving convictions, had “one of the worst driving records I’ve ever seen.”

She appeared in court at least 16 times for driving violations, but never went to jail.

Katie and Kieran got married in January 2013 and have two children: Bunny, 5, and Jett, 6.

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They broke up in early 2018 after numerous allegations of cheating.

Kieran is now engaged to Michelle and they have a young son named Apollo.

Carl Woods supports reality TV star in court


Carl Woods supports reality TV star in court1 credit
Cathy, dressed in green, snuggled up to her partner as they entered the court.


Cathy, dressed in green, snuggled up to her partner as they entered the court.1 credit
Kathy pleaded guilty to the crime last month.


Kathy pleaded guilty to the crime last month.1 credit
She violated a restraining order


She violated a restraining orderCredit: Catiprice/Instagram
Katy sent a message about Kieran's fiancée Michelle


Katy sent a message about Kieran’s fiancée Michelle
Kieran was Katie's third husband.


Kieran was Katie’s third husband.

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