Katie Price gets 11-hour delay on £3.2m debt payment as court date postponed for the SECOND time

Katie Price has been given an 11-hour reprieve on her whopping £3.2million debt as her court hearing is adjourned.

Bankrupt 43-year-old Katie evaded questioning for the THIRD time amid accusations that she was “not fully involved” in paying creditors.


Katie Price to face trial again over £3.2m debt1 credit
The model turned to OnlyFans to pay off creditors.


The model turned to OnlyFans to pay off creditors.1 credit

The exact nature of the hearing at the Crown Court in London, which was scheduled to take place today at 10:30 am, is still unknown.

It has now been rescheduled to an unknown date.

Despite her colossal debts, Katy apparently lived a luxurious lifestyle with frequent exotic vacations, including visiting Las Vegas with boyfriend Carl Woods.

Her bankruptcy trustees wanted details about how much she was paid for her TV work, including her Channel 4 show where she tried to renovate her £2 million country mansion.

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Lawyers also looked into her attempts to pay off debts accumulated by her now-defunct cosmetics company, Jordan Trading Ltd.

Former glamor model Price, who was once worth £45 million, was declared bankrupt in 2019.

She planned to pay £12,000 per month to creditors under an individual voluntary agreement. However, it is alleged that she did not honor the agreement.

Last year, the star received a seizure order for her Dirty Mansion after she defaulted on a £500,000 debt.

She is in danger of losing the house if she does not invest the cash, but is unable to sell it without paying off a series of debts, adding to her financial problems.

Despite having made an offer to buy another house in Surrey for £1.5m, she owes a total of £3.2m and has multiple notices of paperwork for her Sussex property filed in Land Registry.

Kathy, a mother of five, has seen her once lucrative media empire fall apart following the annulment of her third marriage to Kieran Hayler and the collapse of her business.

The model is desperate to raise money to pay her bills.

She launched an OnlyFans account to earn £1m this year, although she has been forced to cut membership costs in order to gain followers.


She cut her usual £11 a month salary by a third after fans moaned about her boring maintenance.

Katy also now sells her clothes, shoes and accessories through online fashion marketplace Depop to make money.

Fans are snapping up her kids’ clothes for as little as £3 each. Katy even sold her old sofa for £1,500 on the site.

But in March, she received more happy news after she rejected a £176,000 tax bill from her insolvent cosmetics company.

Five years ago, the company was liquidated of its own accord.


In December, Katie was sentenced to a 16-week jail sentence with a year’s reprieve after she tossed her BMW X5 in a drug and cocaine-fuelled accident.

The former Loose Women star spent an entire night drinking before she got behind the wheel last September.

She was spared her jail time after she went to rehab at The Priory.

But last month, she was again warned that she could face jail after she admitted to calling ex Kieran Hayler’s new fiancée a “dirty slut.”

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The “vile and nasty” message addressed to Michelle Penticost violated her injunction.

Katy faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison when she returns for sentencing on June 24.

Kathy was once worth an astonishing £45 million.


Kathy was once worth an astonishing £45 million.1 credit
In 2019, she was declared bankrupt.


In 2019, she was declared bankrupt.Credit: Catiprice/Instagram

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