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After an accident near her home in Sussex, Katie Price is about to be sentenced to be unfit and drink-driving without insurance.

Former glamor model has been warned face jail for crimesIn which she collided with her BMW after the vehicle overturned.


Price, 43, admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while incapacitated And driving without insurance.

She filed her petition at Crowley Magistrates Court on 29 September, a day after telling police: “I took drugs, I shouldn’t drive, I accept it all” after a collision on a B2135 near Partridge Green.

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  • What did Katie’s family say about the accident?

    In a statement to the family shared on Price’s Instagram account, they said: “As a family we have been concerned about Kate’s well-being and overall mental health for some time.

    “Today our worst fear almost came true. As a family we have been and will continue to help Kate get the help she needs.

    “We hope she realizes she can’t fight her issues alone.”

  • What happened after Katie crashed?

    Officers responded to the accident around 6.20 p.m., and Price was arrested and taken to hospital.

    The court heard that a drug wipe gave a positive reading for cocaine and that a roadside breath test taken by Price after the accident was positive for alcohol.

    A photo shared by police from the scene shows a car overturned.

    Price’s family expressed concern for his well-being after the accident.

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