Katie Price reveals that Harvey “demolished the house” and smashed his television and computer when he returns to residential college.

KATIE Price described how Harvey’s son left her “jaded” for Christmas after “destroying the house as soon as he could.”

The media persona took to her YouTube channel to show a behind-the-scenes video of her interview on Good Morning Britain last week.


Katy explained that all the gifts she bought Harvey were meant to “replace” the things he broke.1 credit
Mother and son appeared on Good Morning Britain last week.


Mother and son appeared on Good Morning Britain last week.1 credit

Katy, 43, took part in an ITV chat show to discuss the release of her new book with Harvey, 19, dodging questions about her drunk driving.

Her son, who suffers from a range of complex conditions including Prader-Willi Syndrome, autism and blindness, sat next to her during the conversation.

The mother and son duo was filmed for Katie’s latest YouTube video while Katie was doing her makeup and discussing what she planned to talk about.

Sha told fans about the Christmas period with Harvey, who lives at National Star College in Cheltenham during the semester, at home.

Katie said on camera: “Harvey destroyed the house as best he could, pulling out food every day – I’m exhausted, but I love him.”

After the interview, the former glamor model explained that she was preparing to travel to Gloucestershire to take the teenager back to college.

After packing the car with his Christmas gifts, she explained that the gifts for Harvey were simply “replacements” for the things that Harvey had broken.

“Christmas gifts are just a replacement for broken things, a new computer, a new TV, and a new keyboard,” Katy listed the items.

Yesterday, we shared how Katy’s chat at GMB suffered from dozens of Ofcom complaints after angry viewers said she “shouldn’t appear” on TV.

The Broadcasting Regulator confirmed that there were “complaints about the interview with Katie Price,” and 53 people opposed the appearance.

Katie and Harvey were spotted on the show last Tuesday to discuss her recent court appearance following last year’s intoxicated car accident.

The media person insisted that “people should not judge her” for the fact that her car had an accident under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, and then escaped from prison.

She told viewers that she was “ashamed” of her actions, but was not ready to talk about the “traumatic events” that caused her to get behind the wheel.

Admitting that she was lucky not to spend Christmas behind bars, Katie said, “It could have been different.

“The events leading up to this were really traumatic, and they are still traumatic afterwards, so I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

“What I can say is that I went to the Priory and made the decision to finally see a therapist every week and will always do so to cope with the traumatic events that led me to this car.

“I am very good at hiding things. When I’m ready to talk about it, I’ll do it because there are reasons why I got in the car and why I was in such a mental state.

“I am ashamed of all this. It was a traumatic build-up. The reasons I am still dealing with now. It’s a new year, but I’m still dealing with all of this. “

However, many viewers were furious that she did not mention the accident and “did not want to talk.”

One of them tweeted, “Imagine she’s on a show to talk about her jailbreak, but she doesn’t want to talk.”

Another added, “It would be nice if we only had a year so we didn’t hear Katie Price on TV! You are not ready to speak, but you agreed to be interviewed. “

The third said, “I’m not ready to talk about it now.” This means she’s going to spoon-feed the media to survive 2022. ”

Katie Price says people “shouldn’t blame her” for a drunk accident, but admits she’s “ashamed”

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