Katie Price shared a cute photo of Harvey’s 19-year-old son returning to college, where she says, “He still has his cool iPad.”

Proud mom Katy Price shared a nice snapshot of her eldest son Harvey as he returned for another semester at boarding college.

The former glamor model posted on Instagram a photo of the 19-year-old as he stood outside and photographed the garden.


Katie shared a cute photo of Harvey on Instagram.1 credit
Proud Mom Drives Her Teen Son Back To College For The Week


Proud Mom Drives Her Teen Son Back To College For The Week1 credit

Katie, 43, admires her eldest son Harvey, who suffers from a range of disorders, including Prader-Willi syndrome, blindness, and autism.

She shared a nice snapshot of a teenager attending National Star College in Cheltenham, enjoying an “early morning walk” as part of her studies.

In the photo, Harvey holds his beloved iPad, which he often uses to take pictures of the world around him, close to his face.

He wore headphones as well as matching two-piece shorts, a hooded set, and white trainers as he enjoyed the winter sun on Friday morning.

“I love this photo of @officialharveyprice starting her morning walks back in college,” proud mom Katie wrote. “I still have this damn iPad in my hands.”

It comes a few days after a mother of five told fans that she would “miss” her son Harvey as she drove him back to his boarding college.

Katy and Harvey, 19, were seen sitting side by side when they appeared live via video link on Good Morning Britain earlier that day.

The mother-son duo felt comfortable at home during an interview in which the former glamor model talked about her recent drunk driving lawsuit.

Taking to Instagram, Katie shared a behind-the-scenes photo of herself and Harvey dressing up to be GMB-ready.

She captioned the post to her stories along with a heart-shaped emoji: “So today I took Harvey back to college and I already miss him. He’s so cute”.

The media persona shared a photo of herself and Harvey ahead of their interview after seeing Harvey smile broadly as she sits next to her mom.

The disabled teenager studies at National Star College in Gloucestershire, where he lives in his own university-style room during the academic semester.

On Monday, Katy wasted no time in making sure Harvey was spoiled before heading back to school the next semester and taking him to clean his face.

Harvey was also in awe of his TV appearances with her mom, who went live to discuss the details of her drunk driving and winning the court.

But fans were disappointed and angry when Katie refused to go into details of the incident when questioned by hosts Susanne Reed and Richard Bacon.

Admitting that she was lucky not to spend Christmas behind bars, Katie said, “It could have been different.

“The events leading up to this were really traumatic, and they are still traumatic afterwards, so I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

“What I can say is that I went to the Priory and made the decision to finally see a therapist every week and will always do so to cope with the traumatic events that led me to this car.

“I am very good at hiding things. When I’m ready to talk about it, I’ll do it because there are reasons why I got in the car and why I was in such a mental state. “

Her silence enraged the audience, and one of them said, “Imagine she talks about her jailbreak on the show, but she doesn’t want to talk about it, but hey, here’s my new book. The audacity of this thing on our screens is a joke. “

Another added, “It would be nice if we only had a year so we didn’t hear Katie Price on TV! You are not ready to speak, but you agreed to be interviewed. “

Instead, Katie insisted that “people should not judge her” for having her car crashed under the influence of alcohol and cocaine and then escaping from prison.

The 43-year-old woman said she was “ashamed” of her actions and now sees a therapist every week.

Katie Price says people “shouldn’t blame her” for a drunk accident, but admits she’s “ashamed”

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