Katie Price snaps at a follower, saying, “Stop sending me abusive messages or I’ll call the police.”

KATIE Price lashed out at the subscriber, telling her to “stop sending abusive messages” and threatening to “call the police” if they continued.

The former glamor model took to her Instagram stories to summon a social media troll who she claimed was abusive to her online.


Katie retaliated against a subscriber who, she said, was sending her “insults.”1 credit
Media persona took to Instagram to name and shame the troll


Media persona took to Instagram to name and shame the troll1 credit

Katie, 43, told her 2.6 million social media followers that she was being stalked by one fan who she said was sending “offensive messages.”

After taking a screenshot of the subscriber’s profile, the media personality named and shamed them, threatening to “report” about the messages.

“Please stop constantly sending me abusive messages, otherwise I will report you to the police,” – signed a response post mother of five Katie.

“So now she has changed her name and profile photo, but I did everything in the screenshots,” continued Katie. “That’s why I insist on #HarveysLaw.”

Last year, Katie launched a campaign among British MPs for legislation that would crack down on the “faceless keyboardists” hiding behind troll social media accounts.

This came after her disabled son Harvey, 19, with Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and blindness, was targeted by a hospital video.

She criticized the “unacceptable online insult” after the man who shared a video poking fun at teenage Harvey was acquitted by a judge as a “joke.”

It showed a woman pretending to be Katie asking her partner, “If someone says something terrible to Harvey, what do we say?”

Her blackface-clad boyfriend replied, “Hey bastards,” in a video shared via WhatsApp.

Following the video, Katie, who campaigned for “Harvey’s Law” to make online abuse a specific crime, called on the government to take “urgent action.”

“Trolling and online abuse is not acceptable, Harvey’s Law and Troll Tracking are steps towards much needed regulation of online behavior,” she wrote.

Katie’s fiance Karl Woods also hit back at the trolls this week after ranting violently after they slapped him for continuing to drink despite her sobriety.

Karl, 32, has made it clear that he will not join 43-year-old Katie, future wife, in giving up alcohol for Dry Jan just weeks after she was acquitted in court following a drunken accident.

A source exclusively told Kristen Bell Tattoos that the former glamorous girl who escaped jail for flipping her Range Rover last year has “vowed” to stop drinking.

“Katie usually drank a few glasses for Christmas, but she’s resigned to it and will do ‘Dry January’ to recover,” they said.

Regardless, Karl filmed him knocking over several beers while relaxing at home with Katie – in front of their Christmas tree.

“We’ll start with this and then move on to the Sun and see what happens,” he told his followers, puffing from a bottle of Corona.

However, Katie’s fans quickly began complaining that Karl was not going to join her in her sobriety this month and encouraged him to be more “supportive.”

“Is he drinking in front of her? I wouldn’t call it support, “one woman lashed out, and the second intervened:” How about Sukhoi Yan support your wife? “

“Disgusting behavior,” a third said sarcastically, and a fourth wrote, “Exactly my thoughts. It just shows how serious they take things. “

Karl headed to the comments on his latest Instagram post to fend off the trolls, reminding them that giving up booze before “didn’t matter.”

“How about I did it all before and it didn’t matter?” He blurted out, continuing, “How about watching her GMB interview she did the other morning …”

Katy lashed out at the troll in her Instagram stories


Katy lashed out at the troll in her Instagram stories1 credit
The star has called for changes to the law to prevent online abuse.


The star has called for changes to the law to prevent online abuse.1 credit
Katie Price’s fiance Karl Woods drank beer

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