Katie Price to find out if she’ll be in jail today after she flips a car in a drink-drive accident

After her car capsizes in a dramatic drink-drive accident, a distraught Katie Price will find out if she’s going to jail today.

was a reality star was driving to see a friend because she was “lonely”When he overturned his BMW in Horsham, West Sussex in September.

Katie Price will find out if she faces jail today


Katie Price will find out if she faces jail todaycredit: Instagram
He flipped his BMW in an accident in September


He flipped his BMW in an accident in Septembercredit: mega agency

Price, 43, had already been barred from driving while she was behind the wheel.

When he pleaded guilty to a case of drunken driving at Crowley Magistrates’ Court, he was warned by JP that he could face jail.

Being in charge of a vehicle inappropriately above the legal limit or by means of a drink There is a three-month sentence, a possible driving ban and a fine of £2,500.

The former glamor model also admitted one count of driving without insurance and one count of driving while disqualified during a hearing in September.

he was ordered treat in the priory and was slapped with an additional driving ban.

The mother of five went to Las Vegas with fiancée Karl, 32, for the week immediately after leaving the treatment center for £2,00 a week.

The court was told that a witness assisted him and that Price was left “trapped” in his BMW before waiting for emergency services to arrive.

After being confronted by police at the scene, Price is heard saying “I took drugs, I shouldn’t be driving, I accept it all”.

Prosecutor Debbie Jones said a drug wipe gave a positive reading for cocaine, but the charge of driving through the drugs was dropped by the court. ,

When taken to the police station, she did not comment, but claimed she was “alone” and wanted to visit her close friend.

Defense attorney Joe Harrington said at the time: “He’s had a lot of personal problems lately.

“Currently he is in the process of bankruptcy proceedings, so his house can be occupied.

“So, there’s a lot going on in this woman’s life, a really tough period.

“As I understand it, she was drinking, she was alone, and she decided to go and see a friend who lived a relatively short distance away and that’s when the incident happened.

“She has admitted that she is struggling with life at the moment and needs some help.

“She says she had a meeting with Prairie at 1.30 pm. We are in touch with her and she will go from here to there.

“She is going for an evaluation. There is no reason why he would not be admitted to Priory today.”

past driving conventions


Katie Price has been banned from driving six times in the past ten years following multiple violations.

October 2003: Survived by overcharging on a technicality.

June 2008: Three points awarded for talking on mobile.

July 2010: Four points for a speed of 99 mph.

September: Three points for veering off her alley in her 7½-ton pink horsebox.

DECEMBER: A six-month ban after three more points for doing 83mph in the 70mph zone takes his total to 13.

August 2012: 12-month ban for not responding to two speeding tickets.

FEBRUARY 2018: Banned for six months for failing to give details about a person driving a speeding car.

July: Interrogated by police for being behind the wheel even after being banned. She says she thought the ban was over.

September: A £63,000 Ranger Rover reportedly crashes on his mobile.

October: Arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. Spent the night in the cell.

December: Accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

January 2019: Three-month ban on driving while banned.

February: Three months after another driving conviction.

AUTUMN: Continuing with the sixth ban, this time for two years. 18 months deduction on appeal.

March 2021: Drives boyfriend’s Range Rover. An admin error means an additional six months were not added under deferring rules. The police inquired.

September: Arrested after car overturns

He said it was a “one-off incident” and that she did her driving erratically, due to which she crashed.

Her accident happened just hours after that when she talked about the difficulty in meeting son Harvey because he couldn’t get behind the wheel.

to speak on GMB She explained: “Obviously I haven’t got my license back until December, so I can’t just go there in the car and it’s not close.”

Katie expected to get her driving license back in April, but was Banned for another six months After an admin bungalow.

He served 18 months of disqualification after hiding the identity of his driver pink range rover During an accident at Bexley.

He has been banned from driving a total of six times in the last ten years.

Katie was convicted in September


Katie was convicted in September
She went to the Prairie with Carl Woods before moving to Vegas


She went to the Prairie with Carl Woods before moving to Vegascredit: Instagram
The reality star rolls out the BMW at around 6.30


The reality star rolls out the BMW at around 6.30credit: Dan Charity
The wreckage of the accident scattered on the side of the road


The wreckage of the accident scattered on the side of the road
Katie Price reveals she’ll spend Christmas at haunted Mucky Mansion if she escapes prison

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