Katie Price’s ex Kieran Hayler ignores her guilty plea in court to strip naked for OnlyFans

Katie Price’s ex-girlfriend Kieran Hayler stripped naked on Instagram in preparation for her trial in which she pleaded guilty.

Kieran shared a nude photo of him standing in the bathtub with his hands against the wall with his butt in front of the camera just hours before Katy goes to trial.


Katie Price’s ex Kieran Hayler stripped naked before she pleaded guilty in court1 credit

In an Instagram story, a strategically placed “sticker” hid Kieran’s modesty when he offered fans a whopping discount on subscriptions to his OnlyFans account.

The sticker read “25%” with a red cross, with a GIF animation of 50% blinking above it.

Kieran captioned the Instagram story: “Two days subscription discount.”

The father-of-three post comes after Katie was warned by a judge today that she could face jail today after she pleaded guilty to texting Kieran about his fiancée.

The reality TV star, 43, has violated an injunction after sharing a “vile and nasty” message directed at Michelle Penticost.

She admitted to the charge in Lewis Crown Court today, turning around sharply after previously denying it in Magistrates’ Court.

Katie Price warned she could face jail after texting Kieran 'dirty sex'
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Kathy was chosen to sit in the Crown Court, which would have meant a tougher sentence and trial by jury, when she appeared before Crowley Magistrates’ Court last month.

She faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison when she returns for sentencing on June 24.

Judge Steven Mooney told Cathy: “Obviously you took responsibility for the offense and pleaded guilty when you were given a suspended sentence, which means you risk going to jail.

“I will need to know the relevant parts of the background in order to decide what the appropriate sentence should be.

“Don’t be under any illusions, you risk getting an immediate prison sentence.”

The reality TV star spent 12 hours in police custody after being arrested at her dingy mansion in January.

The former glamor model wrote to Kieran, “Tell your fucking slut, piece of shit, girlfriend not to turn me on.

“She has a restraining order so don’t try to oppose me as she is violating it and I’m sure she doesn’t want people to know that she was having an affair with you behind my back. “

Katie has already been given a 16-week suspended sentence for drunk driving after she flipped her BMW in a horrific accident in September.

A person can be recalled to prison for a term of probation if they have violated the terms of their license.

Usually, the court, when sentencing, focuses on the new crime committed and takes into account the original term as an aggravating factor.

In this case, Cathy could be imprisoned for five years, with 16 weeks running at the same time, or possibly in addition to the main sentence.

In 2019, Katy was sentenced to five years in prison after she called Michelle a “fucking whore” during a tirade at the school gates.

She was forbidden to contact Michelle “directly or indirectly”.

Accusation is the latest twist in the hectic life of a restless star.

She was recently charged with speeding her BMW on a 60 mph road and will stand trial for the crime in July.

In December, Kathy managed to avoid jail for overturning her car in a drunken accident.

Kathy was on her way to visit a friend because she was “lonely” when she flipped her BMW in Horsham, West Sussex, in September.

The judge convicted her because she believed she was “above the law” but could not send her to prison due to a loophole in the law.

Katie and Kieran got married in January 2013 and have two children: Bunny, 5, and Jett, 6.

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They broke up in early 2018 after numerous allegations of cheating.

Kieran is now engaged to Michelle and they have a young son named Apollo.

Kieran posed nude to promote his OnlyFans account


Kieran posed nude to promote his OnlyFans account1 credit
Today, Katy visited Lewis Royal Court with fiancé Carl Woods.


Today, Katy visited Lewis Royal Court with fiancé Carl Woods.1 credit
Kieran and Kathy separated in 2018 and are raising two children.


Kieran and Kathy separated in 2018 and are raising two children.Credit: Getty – Contributor

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