Katy Perry has a few demands when she’s on tour.

Katy Perry He recently announced his Las Vegas residence, Play. It will run from December 2021 to March 2022. The highest paid American Idol judge. Happy about the news. Getting the singer’s latest single yet, Electricity, Katie Cates is now anxious to get tickets to the “Biggest Show”. Pop Princess is also launching NFTs 16 show tour.

Of Thunder. The singer worked with the fast-growing crypto company Theta Labs. He revealed that with the partnership, “Fans can own a special moment in my residence, which is a digital gathering as well as an IRL experience.” Many fans are hoping it will be a monument behind an intimacy. Maybe something from Perry. Exciting preparation routine. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Flowers, flowers, flowers.

Of My contributions The star clearly loves flowers. The fact that he named his daughter Daisy alone is proof. You couldn’t find more flowers with the full name, Daisy du Bloom. The singer’s obsession with aesthetics is also evident in the music video. Never wore white. Then she owns a virtual flower shop called “Katie Disease” from which you can send flowers digitally. It was a hit marketing stunt that led to the release of the lead single for her fifth album. گل داؤدی۔.

When it comes to her travels, Perry is especially concerned about the flowers she finds. First of all, never bring carnations. Instead, choose pink fresh flower arrangements. She prefers pink and white roses, white and purple hydrangeas and ponies. If they are not available, seasonal white flowers with white orchids will work well. Of Teenage Dream The hit maker has never revealed why she hates carnations so much. But promoters never dare to break the “not at all carnation” memo.

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Strict driver rules

Data The voice actress also has strict rules for her driver. According to its 45-page Concert Rider, its driver has been awarded 22 instruction points. That includes not talking to her, her guests, or her fans. They are also prohibited from looking at it or asking for autographs. This may sound overwhelming, but maybe she just likes to set clear boundaries. High profile celebrities like this should be anxious about maintaining their privacy.

Dressing room requirements.

The details of the decoration do not go beyond that. Of fireworks. The singer has a list of how to style her dressing room. For example, its table should be in “Perspectives Modern Style”. These are clear, acrylic / losite tables. His chair should also have a white egg with a footrest. After all, she doesn’t want the walls to be painted other than cream or soft pink.

Pre-show group rituals.

You read that right But that’s not the point – just group meditation with her delegation before each performance and after her solo afternoon yoga. Before coming on stage, “I have a prayer circle with my band and dancers.” Perry once said that these activities helped him overcome an emotionally difficult time following his divorce from Russell Brand in 2011.

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Detailed menu.

Just when you thought she couldn’t make further inquiries about her requests, we found out that she also gives her organizers a detailed list of meals. According to Business InsiderThese are the items on this list:

  • 6 vitamins water zero, different flavors.

  • Bowl of whole fresh organic grown fruit (apples, bananas, oranges and grapes)

  • A plate of freshly cut croutons (cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, snap peas, celery) w / form dip

  • Honey Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Sneezers.

  • Salsa jar.

  • Baked (if possible blue corn) tortilla chips.

  • Frozen dried strawberries.

  • 2 bottles of Santa Margarita Pinot Gregio.

  • Throat coat, twins chamomile PG tips, and mint medley tea.

  • Foze dilutes a variety of flavors.

  • A pot of standard honey.

In 2018, its Australian Concert Rider was added. It was “fruit and vegetables, hummus and kambocha” as well as apple cider vinegar because it is “an excellent body balance” despite the impression that it is “too acidic for your voice”. سوئش سوئش۔ Singer

At the top, Perry Hughes also asks for a box of Baby Nature Care Wipes. We think – they are good for alcohol-free and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, Hot and Cold The singer is not so eco-friendly. Allegedly, the list includes plastic drinking straws instead of reuse. However, this information was obtained in early 2011. He may have changed his ways since then

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There is nothing censored about Katy Perry, and nothing boring about her.

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