Katy Perry slammed Grameen when asked about the winner.

Katy Perry doesn’t need a Grammy, the numbers tell her enough!

Singer Katy Perry via Instagram
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During his 20-year pop music career, Of Teenage Dream Hit maker Nominated for 13 Grammy Awards …. The 36-year-old song legend has garnered over 50 billion streams and sold 48 million records over the years.

The numbers prove it. Katy Perry He’s a very successful artist, and he doesn’t really need a Grammy to prove his worth. Katie certainly believes in it, and when asked about ever winning, she shadowed the coveted awards.

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Katy Perry isn’t worried about not winning a Grammy.

When small, less experienced artists prefer. Bailey Elish is winning five Grammys. Overnight, it comes as a bit of a shock that Katy Perry, who has been in the industry for over two decades, has never been featured together. Although Perry’s fans really want him to snatch one of the gold trophies, the singer is at least worried about winning them.

Featured in Perry Different types. The magazine’s Power of Women issue, where she was asked if she ever cared about winning a Grammy. The singer insisted that she did not think much of it, and thought that “numbers” speak to her success.

The singer commented: “No, I’ve been nominated 13 times before.…. Truth be told, I always go by numbers, and they don’t lie. And I’m fine with that. Everyone has an opinion and it’s amazing, but the numbers are numbers. Mathematics is sacred. ”

Perry, who shares with daughter Daisy. Her fianc Orlando Bloom. She also touched on new music in the interview, which revealed that she is excited to share it with her fans, and it was full of “love”.

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Katie said: “I always write, so slowly but of course I’m, I’m carving my next statue. There’s so much love behind it. That’s the driving force, which is great because I think That I have written a lot from the point of view of longing and desire and sometimes it does not feel that I am enough.

Smile, Icon’s last studio album was released on August 28, 2020, a day after she gave birth to her daughter.

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