Katy Perry wants more kids with Orlando Bloom?

August 26, 2020 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed the firstborn, Daisy Dove, into this world. Despite the fact that the world was stagnant at the time, Perry continued to work on several projects after giving birth. From promoting her Katy Perry collection to working as a judge at american idolthe singer “Fireworks” managed to perfectly balance her career and family life. Orlando Bloom, on the other hand, went unnoticed. In 2020, he starred in Outpost, a film that unfortunately did not receive much attention in the midst of the pandemic. In 2021, he starred in a science fiction drama, Needle in timessec

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Now, a year after Daisy was born, fans of the strong couple have begun to wonder if they will have another child anytime soon. This is what Pirates of the Caribbean even want a ‘California Girls’ star and singer? Katy Perry doesn’t tend to hold back like many other celebrities who don’t want fame. So let’s find out on what basis the couple plans to expand their small family.

6 Orlando Bloom loves being a dad

Looks like Daisy Dove is really a gift to both of her parents. When they are guests on a talk show or radio show, they are in awe of their daughter and her success.

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In February, Bloom was at Graham Norton Show where he admitted that he tried to get his little girl to say “daddy” as the first words… “Now I sing everything that contains ‘Daddy’. I’m just because I want her to say ‘Daddy’ before she says anything else, ”he explained. Perry also considers him “Dad of the Year” – at least that’s what she said when he recently painted Daisy’s bedroom.


5 Katy Perry shares news about her family life

While she doesn’t post many photos of her daughter on social media, Katy Perry is nonetheless quite talkative when it comes to her little bundle of joy. Recently commenting on her facial features for People claim that her life began when she gave birth to DaisyKatie can’t help sharing her innermost thoughts.

Since the California Girls singer was so happy to be a mother, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if she gave Daisy a brother or sister. But then again, Perry also spoke about the harsher realities of becoming a mother – details that are rarely discussed openly.

4 Perry talks about how to become a mother

While Emily Ratajkowski returned to showcasing her abs just 11 days after giving birth, Katy Perry painted a much more realistic body picture after giving birth. Soon after giving birth in 2020, a candid photo that she posted on her Instagram story went viral: singer Roar in high-waisted lingerie and a nursing bra.

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In February 2021, she went to Jimmy Kimmel Live and told the owner how demanding the first few weeks were. “But they are not telling you that no one is talking about the first six weeks after the baby is born. Oh my god, this is wild! What a roller coaster! “But even though it was not easy to navigate early motherhood, she believes becoming a mother is the best decision she has made in her entire life.

3 Katy Perry wants to have more children with Orlando Bloom

Considering how much joy motherhood has brought to both superstar parents, it’s no surprise that Katie wants to have more kids with Orlando, according to ET. “Despite the fact that Katie is busy with work again and american idol, she mentioned that motherhood made her think about having more children someday, “an unknown source told the media. However, the statement is very vague and does not come from the mother herself.

Another unknown source told a British magazine Closer that “Katie is incredibly close to her sister Angela, who is just 20 months her senior, so she wants Daisy to experience the same sibling relationship she has.”

2 Orlando Bloom has two children

In the midst of all the hype around little Daisy Dove, people tend to forget that this isn’t the first time Orlando Bloom has become a father. He has a 10-year-old son, Flynn Christopher, with Miranda Kerr. Flynn is an active part of Bloom and Perry’s life. Kerr is also glad that her little daddy found happiness. with a world famous pop star. “I’m just so happy that Orlando found someone to make him happy, because in the end, for Flynn, the most important thing is to have a happy father and a happy mother,” she said. WSJ Magazine editor Christina O’Neill for Wall Street MagazineFestival “The Future of Everything”.

one What about a wedding?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019. However, they were in no hurry to tie the knot. In March 2020, Katie announced that she was pregnant for the first time and the wedding was postponed. Despite the fact that they have not yet had time to give their vows, their love is as strong as ever. Becoming parents, they became even closer. Only the future can say which will be the first: another child or an engagement ring.

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