Katy Price showcases Harvey’s impressive artistic skills after the second attack on Emily.

KATIE Price showcased her eldest son Harvey’s incredible artistic ability after lashing out at Emily Andre and calling her “disgusting.”

The mother of five has caused a scandal with her ex-wife Peter Andre over the two children she shares with the singer – Junior, 15, and Princess, 14.


Katie shared a cute illustration drawn by Harvey’s son.1 credit

The digital art depicts the television character Barney the dinosaur.


The digital art depicts the television character Barney the dinosaur.1 credit

Katie, 43, took to Instagram as she seemed to have cooled off from the war of words, showing off some artwork drawn by the 19-year-old Harvery.

The teen has a variety of complex disorders, including Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and blindness, and lives at a boarding college in Gloucestershire.

Harvey drew the TV dinosaur character Barney on his iPad screen and sent it to mom Katy as she said it “made her smile.”

“I couldn’t help but post it tonight,” the proud mom signed the post. “I smile when Harv sends me pictures, so talented.”

Fans stepped in to praise the teen’s artistic skills, including Aunt Sophie Price, who commented on it with two purple heart emojis.

“He is a fantastic young man, and his art is so nice to look at,” wrote one of the subscribers. “I don’t blame you for wanting to share with us.

“It literally warms my heart,” agreed the second. “He’s so cute, and he even knows how to draw a thousand times better than me.”

It comes days after Katy again assaulted ex-Pete’s new wife Emily, 32, insisting that she was “innocent” in an altercation over children.

She has responded to reports that Katie is still struggling with the fact that her ex-Peter is gone – 13 years after their marriage fell apart.

This was announced by a representative of the star. Mirror: “Something is happening behind the scenes and I have to admit that Emily is not innocent.”

Katie’s latest dig came after she made a series of shocking statements against Emily on Instagram, launching a brutal attack as she called her “disgusting.”

In a furious attack on a doctor in a furious Instagram post, a 43-year-old man shared a cover photo.


In an already deleted post, she wrote: “My mouth has been closed for so long, but I have enough people selling stories about me and especially about this so-called woman.

“I always said I didn’t want to be famous, but it’s not so bad to stay away from the media and television, and now I’m trying to make a career out of it.

“So cringe, she used my kids to make money from photo shoots, but she covers her children’s faces!”

Katie has filed a number of charges against Emily, writing: “She claims to be a doctor who clearly has no idea about mental health.

“Oh, and forbade my daughter to visit me in the monastery when she wanted to see her mother. She is so jealous of my relationship with the princess.

“Emily, you are not and never will be the parent of my children, so stay out of your business, you are so two-faced and definitely not the person you portray in front of the public.”

So far, Emily has not commented on the attacks from her ex-husband in any way.

A body language expert suggested that she “takes no offense” at Katie during her speech at Free Women earlier this week.

She remained cool during the interview the day after Katie’s outburst, although she declined to comment.

Sources told Kristen Bell Tattoos that Katie’s comments were motivated by Emily’s remark in an interview with the magazine that she was “working hard to keep things consistent” for Pete and Katie’s children, Junior and Princess.

Pete and Emily were married in July 2015 and have children, Theo and Amelia, years after Mystery Girl and Katy divorced in 2009.

The former couple are raising 16-year-old Junior and 14-year-old daughter Princess.

Katy attacked Peter's wife André Emily


Katy attacked Peter’s wife André Emily1 credit
Katie Price and Peter André’s daughter, a princess, says she was infected with Covid, but “glad she doesn’t need to go to school.”

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