Kausar Mohammed, Wilder Yari & Theo Germaine Join the CW Reboot – Deadline

Special: Kausar Mohammad (Syed Family Christmas Eva Game Night.), Wilder Yari. (L word: Generation Q.(And Theo Germain)politician.) Are set for very recurring roles. 4400, CWA re-imagining of the 2004 USA Network sci-fi drama series.

Based on the original TV series, created by Scott Peters and Renee Achuria. 4400 belongs to Riverdale. Co-executive producer Ariana Jackson, who wrote Pilot, Sunil Nair, and Anna Furk and Laura Terry in pursuit of a bear.

I 4400During the last century, at least 4,400 people who were ignored, underestimated, or otherwise disappeared without a trace from the face of the backward planet. Last night, inexplicably, they all returned to Detroit in an instant and were not a day older and had no recollection of what had happened to them. As the government understands the incident, analyzes the potential threat, and compiles the story, Jhral (Joseph David Jones, a sympathetic social worker, and Kesha (Iron Roach), a strict social reform officer, are among the civil servants. To deal with refugees

Mohammed will play the role of Surila, a friend of Jarral (David Jones) who works in IT and one of the people who has been called in to help process thousands of people who come to Detroit. Are A sci-fi fool, she can’t even comprehend the strange possibilities that could be responsible for the return of all these people.

Yari Jessica is an agent with the DHS who has the whole business when she was called upon to work on the mystery of thousands of people who have just come out of the blue in Detroit. He has been romantically involved with Detroit parole officer Kisha (Iron Roach) for six months, and is glad that Kisha has also been called in to deal with the strange situation.

Germain photographed Noah, one of 4400 who mysteriously appeared on Belle Isle, Noah – like Mildred (the best of autumn) and Hayden (AMARR) – a teenager separated from family and home. Is (although Noah has recently been taken to the past). The three of them are tied together to find normalcy in the chaos and discover their new situation.

4400 Also Britney Adbomola as Shane, TL Thompson as Andre, Jay Lady Moore as Claudette, Derek A. King as Rio Johnston, Khela Johnson as Ladona and Corey Jacoma as Logan.

Jackson, Nair, Freak and Terry Executive Productions. CBS Studio is a studio.

Muhammad wrote and stars in the sixth room. Syed Family Christmas Eva Game Night, Directed by Fauzia Mirza, which had its world premiere in TIFF 2021, and is currently being produced as a feature film. Mohammed is featured in this year’s Viacom CBS Divergence 2021 showcase and plays the lead role in Paul Fagg’s play, East of La Bria. Mohammed has been raped by DDO artists Chicago, LEW management, and Eric Fagg Entertainment and Media Law.

Yari was recently seen in the second season of the showtime hit drama series. L word: Generation Q. On the film side, he recently rolled out productions for Kreuz Gutierrez’s sci-fi short film, Keep deleting Release date TBA Yari has been raped by Pantheon Talent and Entertainment Lab.

Jermaine Next will work at John Logan’s untitled feature directing Blum House, formerly called. Whistler Camp. Jermaine is best known for Ryan Murphy. politician. For Netflix as well as for Abby McNee. work in progress Executive by Lily Wachowski for Showtime. Germain has been recaptured by Gray Talent Group, Avalon Management, and Frankfurt Mass. Clean & Sales.

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