Kel Mitchell’s Viral Emmy Moment Wasn’t As Glamorous As You Think

Although Kel Mitchell donned a tuxedo and attended the Emmy Awards to reunite with Kenan Thompson on screen, he didn’t get to experience all the fanfare that other celebrities have experienced. In fact, the Mystery Men actor spoke about the stunt during the post-show celebrations and admitted that he was hidden from the crowd during pre-ceremony preparations and didn’t get to see the red carpet. Reflecting on the night, Mitchell said Hollywood Reporter“They had to hide me the whole time I was here. I was ready to walk on the carpet and everything, but they said: “No, let’s hide you.” So this could be a big moment.”

Despite not being able to walk the Emmys red carpet, Mitchell still enjoyed himself and was happy to see that the public also enjoyed his cameo at the ceremony. “But yeah, man, it was really fun,” the actor continued. “We knew the audience would love it.” Besides, after the big moment paid off, Mitchell stayed anyway and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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