Kelly Clarkson is facing a reaction to the wrong BTS photo.

Kelly Clarkson hopes the canceled culture will stay out of her way when she makes a big mess, which drives fans into a hateful frenzy. Of Talented musician and talk show host He relied heavily on his staff, which clearly disappointed him. During the last episode of Kelly Clarkson show., She was talking about the hit K-pop group BTS, but instead flashed a picture of the Korean boy band Blitzers.

There are many similarities between the bands. They are both Korean boy bands, and both have 7 members in their own group. They both represent themselves with bright, colorful ads, and their names begin with the letter “b”, however, they are both unique bands and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Fans aren’t impressed with Clarkson at all.

Kelly Clarkson’s Fumble.

It is assumed that every talk show checks the facts, and they probably, they must have caught this big mistake, but now it is too late to point the finger, because the audience is already Kelly Clarkson. Are upset, and there is no going back.

Kelly Clarkson show. Season 3 has just been launched, and the first installment has taken things the wrong way. During Clarkson’s interview with Cold Play’s Chris Martin, he began to dive into the details of his recent. Collaboration with BTSAnd while he was discussing the track titled My Universe, Clarkson’s team accidentally flashed a picture of the Blitzers, thinking it belonged to BTS.

Fans had no problem clearly pointing out that this is a false image and that it represents a completely different, irrelevant band, which raises questions. “Who’s checking the facts there?”

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Clarkson Under Fire.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but it has not stopped the response. Many fans, and especially BTS Army fans, were completely taken aback by the mistake and were quick to vent their anger online. Within seconds, the comments added “Wow this is incredibly ignorant” Clarkson, Cultural Ignorance on its Best Way! And; “It’s showing basic racism.”

Others wrote, “They basically just said that Asians all look the same” and “Cancel Clarkson” and “Let’s talk about Kelly Clarkson and please show a picture of Carrie Underwood.”

Angry fans said, “All white girls look the same,” and “They’re racially very deaf,” “It’s 2021, mistakes like that aren’t really mistakes, they’re pure negligence.”

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