Kelly disfigured LVP at WHHL.

Earlier this week, Daily mail Lisa Wonderpump reported. Kyle Richards. There was a ‘close friend’ who spread gossip about Erica Jane’s financial situation years ago. This was in response to Lisa’s partner. Real housewives. Of Beverly Hills Alum, Camille Grammar., Who reported. Page six.Claims that Andy Cohen’s baby shower was already talking about the Pretty Mess singer’s financial problems.

Now, Kyle has fired back at the claims. See live what happens. – But it seems the fans are more interested in her sister, By Kathy Hilton The answer to all this.

Fan zone on Kathy’s expression on Instagram.

While some fans were anxious to correct Kyle’s misconceptions about his comments about Lisa, which weren’t ‘relevant’ enough for the baby shower. angchez116 Written in response to a post by house realhousewivesfranchise, “Lisa never said she was in the baby shower. Camille (who was in the shower) told her,” – In the midst of all this, many people were more concerned with Kathy’s body language.

ul lulu_m_82 Wrote, “Love the way Kathy was sitting there.” include , “That’s funny!”

Similarly, megananne86_ Added, “She wants to be at home with her fans,” With crying laughing emojis.

YouTube viewers weigh in on Kathy’s opinion.

Although Kathy didn’t solve the problem herself, viewers on YouTube felt she didn’t need it.

This is because, based on how they read her body language and facial expressions, she felt that she could understand exactly what she was thinking. That is, she was not happy with Kyle’s imitation!

Hello there Wrote, “Even Kathy likes LVP better than Lyle because of the LOL on her face.”

Similarly, B. Lane. Commented, “Kathy’s facial expressions when Kyle was imitating LVP,” With countless crying laughing emojis.

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Could this be Kathy’s way of being free from drama?

Other fans philosophically asked if it could be Kathy. Using Her facial expressions to stay out of the drama.

Night of the stars Considered “LOL, I think Kathy is very aware of what’s going on but pretends to be ‘checked out’ and has no idea how to get out of it.

Jack Coincidentally, Kathy had already been warned to avoid the drama. “I don’t want to tarnish her name by getting dirty on TV.” He added.

If this has always been Kathy’s trick, it definitely works. KA Pushed, “Love Kathy. Love her poker face. She stays off the field. She’s the best. Give her a diamond.”

Good Kathy has already made it clear that she will never sign up as a full-time housewife.But we can all dream, right?

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Ed Sheeran looks nervous.
Ed Sheeran lied to the world and his fans are shocked.

Has this revelation turned fans against Ed?

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