Kelly Rowland Says Chris Brown Deserves Grace and Forgiveness

Kelly Rowland has said that Chris Brown deserves grace and forgiveness.

This comes after Brown won an award at the AMAs this week…

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And many members of the audience weren’t too thrilled.


But Roland jumped to his defense…

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And the Internet does not know what to think!

Now, Rowland has opened up even more on the subject.

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And his comments are quite controversial…

“Chris is a great entertainer, well deserved, good job, Kelly,” one fan wrote.

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“I’m Team Kelly all day. And even though I’m not a Chris Brown fan, I can understand her wanting to rally a crowd. Because what you’re not planning to do is 1. boo anyone while I’m talking. Doing, and 2. boo someone I (he clearly) respects,” added another.

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Born in Tappahannock, Virginia in 1989, Chris Brown made a big name for himself with a selection of catchy R&B hits like ‘No Air’, ‘With You’, and ‘Forever’.

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Brown has been the recipient of numerous awards, including 4 Billboard Music Awards and a Grammy.


He is also tied for the seventh most entries on the Billboard Hot 100, with number nineteen.

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Brown managed to raise his profile massively by dating pop superstar Rihanna.

Here, they are pictured in happier times – but their relationship was marred by a major incident.

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Violent clashes in 2009.

This left Rihanna with serious injuries, which resulted in her being hospitalized.

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News of the incident made headlines, leaving many fearful for Rihanna and disgusted with Brown.

And for many of Once Brown’s fans, that was the final nail in the coffin.

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Despite his obvious musical talent, he just wasn’t the kind of person you wanted to root for.

This event was not all…

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While there is one major incident that people point to as evidence of Brown’s violent behavior, it’s clear that it exists as part of a much wider (and more frightening) pattern.

After breaking up with Rihanna, Brown began dating American actress and model Kerroch Tran, known for her roles in the web series, Bay and the TNT series, the claws.

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They had a very tumultuous, on-off relationship that spanned the next 3 years – with plenty of incredibly bad behavior from Brown.

Of course, along with multiple acts of infidelity, more allegations of violence and abuse were made against Brown after the 2 split.

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During their relationship, Brown too There was a brief renaissance with Rihanna, when the pair dated for a second time in 2013.

But Tran remained with Brown despite this infidelity.

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During his relationship with Tran, Brown also fathered a child with another woman. Royalty Brown was born to Nia Guzman in 2015.

But the problems in the couple’s relationship appear to run deeper than infidelity. Indeed, Brown seems to have fallen into repeating some very dangerous patterns.

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Tran filed legal documents against Brown, including claims that he physically assaulted her and threatened to kill her.

Tran explained to Wendy Williams: “It got to a point where I felt like I needed to protect myself.”

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In June 2017, a judge ruled that a temporary restraining order to protect Tran must remain in place for the next 5 years.

Although his career has survived dozens of unthinkable accusations, he still appears to be thriving.

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So much so, that he was even set to perform at the AMAs this year.

However, the performance, which was supposed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson, was reportedly canceled at the last minute.

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“Amy was supposed to perform but they canceled on me for unknown reasons,” Brown rants on Instagram.

However, Brown won the AMA for Favorite Male R&B Artist.

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But he wasn’t there to collect it.

Instead, her award was collected by Kelly Rowland.

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Rowland said: “Now, Chris Brown isn’t here tonight so I’m accepting the award on his behalf.”

And the crowd burst into laughter.

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Roland then said: “Excuse me. Relax.”

And now, Rowland has expanded on why he defended Brown. TMZ.

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“I believe that grace is very real, and we all need a dose of it,” he claimed.

“Before we point the finger at anyone, we must realize how grateful we are for every moment we have!

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“I just think it’s important to remember to be human,” Roland continued.

“We are human beings.

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“We all need to be forgiven for anything we can do, for anything we’re thinking,” he explained.

“We all come up short in some way.

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“And grace is real, and we are all human!

“And everyone deserves grace. Period,” Roland concluded.

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What do you think of his comments?

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