Ken Jennings’ Last Danger! Stunt has longtime fans seeing the color red

On a new episode of “Danger”, new host Ken Jennings shocked fans when he did the unthinkable: he gave a contestant a second chance. In the Against category, four-game champion Luigi de Guzmán chose the $1,000 question: “Here is a typical early 19th century landscape by this British artist.” When De Guzman replied, “Who is permanent?” Jennings nudged him in the right direction: “Say it again.” De Guzman then corrected himself with “Constable” by increasing his winnings to $6,200 (via New York Post).

This interaction drew the ire of loyal Jeopardy fans, especially when Jennings did not show the same leniency towards fellow member Harriet Wagner. When she tried to switch her answer “Angela LeGuin” to the correct Ursula LeGuin, Jennings was less merciful. Fans took to social media to condemn the new host. one viewer furious: “It was completely unfair, and Ken Jennings (and the ‘judges’) were absolutely wrong in not giving her credit for the correct answer. Is this #misogyny from #Jeopardy? Of course it does!” Another wrote“So on #Jeopardy, one member can correct an answer and another cannot? Come on, Ken, that’s just not right.”

Danger viewers, who love the little things, are famous for their attention to detail, an ethos that Trebek carried to the fullest. Indeed, Trebek was a picky host. If Jennings wants to win over fans again, there are plenty of opportunities for him to do so: “Jeopardy” airs every week at 7:00 p.m. on ABC.

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