Kendall Long Reminds Herself Not to Cry Ahead of ‘BiP’ Finale

Kendall Long jokes about not crying anymore Bachelor Paradise Final.

Kendall Long. Mark Van Holden / Invasion / AP / Shutterstock.

Put it together! Kendall Long. I jokingly reminded myself not to cry before season 7. Bachelor in Heaven. The final, which will air on Tuesday, October 5.

“I swear I’m fine today,” Kendall, 30, joked. Tick ​​tock video on Tuesday., Making fun of drama during drama. Bachelor Spin off earlier this year. “#dontcrydontcrydontcry #dontcrytoday #everythingisfine.”

In the clip, Bachelor Alum wandered around her Los Angeles apartment, trying to keep herself from crying. Teddy Giles.“Don’t cry today,” was repeated in the background.


I swear I’m fine today #dontcrydontcrydontcry #dontcrytoday #Everything okay

sound The original sound – Teddy Giles.

Kendall gave a big thumbs up to the camera to start the video before playing Ukole upside down. He also hugged his dog, poured himself a glass of wine and used a foul-smelling shell that seemed to spoil him. A rock BIP Get out last month.

“Don’t cry. You’re fine, you’re fine. All is well. Don’t cry. Tears are not allowed. No crying,” the voice said on a loop in Tuesday’s video, before Kendall turned half red in anger. Rose snatched.

Taxidermy enthusiasts seemed to be instructing him. Of BIP The end of the season, in which Kendall ex. جو امابائل۔ Can suggest your new flame. Serena Pitt.

Kendall, for her part, fell in love with 34-year-old Joe. Season 5 Bachelor in Heaven. In the summer of 2018.

The pair announced in April 2019 that they are moving forward together after moving to LA to compete. Dancing with the stars. However, nine months later, a graphic designer and grocery store worker revealed this. They left him.

Join the Season 7 cast and move on. Bachelor in Heaven., Which was filmed in the summer of 2021. Kendall later decided to move to Mexico. Give her a final shot at her relationship with a Chicago native..

When Kendall arrived in heaven, Joe had already started a relationship with Serena., 23. After many emotional conversations with Joe about his breakup and his current status, Kendall chose to leave the show.

“I still feel like you’re my best friend,” he told Joe. During the September 21 episode.Given how “difficult” it was for someone else to see it fall. “I’ve never stopped loving you. It’s been really painful.

Joe, on the other hand, admitted that he came to the show for the second time because he knew it was “over” between them.

You were a big part of my life. And I will always take care of you. I’m still here for you, “he added before Kendall left Mexico and focused on his emerging romance with Serena. In the final promo, Kendall will be back one last time.

Season 7 Bachelor in Heaven. The final airs on ABC on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Listen here for the exact reasons to get information about the bachelor franchise and the exclusive interview with the contestant.
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