Kerry Katona Showcases Incredible Hair Transformation After Spending SIX Hours At The Salon

KERRY Katona has unveiled a whole new look to kick off the new year with excitement – after the shitty end of 2021.

41-year-old ex-Atomic Kitten spent SIX hours at the salon getting rid of her purple hair.


Kerry Katona shows off her new blonde hairCredit: Instagram / kerrykatona7
The star made new build-ups


The star made new build-upsCredit: Instagram / kerrykatona7

She is now blonde again and has grown long hair to completely change her look.

“Ooh, I’m back !!!!”, said Kerry.

“God, sooooo much thanks to everyone @thestyle_loungeae_ not only for doing my hair, but also for laughing !! I really needed it!

“And also my new favorite hairstyle company @cinque_hair_extensions for that lovely mane !!!”

The star prepared for a “long day” by sharing pictures of her seats with foil in her hair.

But she says she loved the time she laughed with her hairdressers after a “horrific” holiday period when her £ 110,000 Range Rover was stolen just days before Ryan’s Mercedes was stolen from their Greater Manchester home. …

She said the theft – and another bout of covid – “tested” her relationship with fiancé Ryan Mahoney.

She was forced to abandon her Christmas plans when her entire family became infected with Covid.

In her New Magazine column, Kerry wrote: “This was our second time we contracted the virus, and while it was frustrating, I didn’t suffer as much as the first time.

“Being isolated and not having all my kids with me on Christmas was really shit, but that’s what it is.”

However, even though her illness was not as serious as it used to be, she caused rifts in her relationship with fiancé Ryan, from whom she wants to have another child through surrogacy.

She added, “Hijacking our cars and then getting stuck indoors was really a challenge for Ryan and me.

“We were locked inside with the kids and we had nowhere to go and it was very hard.”

She then added that they “could only break at each other” when passions ran high.

The couple were even forced to seek help with their car rental after their engines were horrified.

Kerry also talked about how Covid impacted her exercise ability, leaving her less than impressed with her figure.

She added, “I am very unhappy with my body at the moment.”

Kerry talked about her weight, insisting that she is the largest she has ever been.

She said, “I could cry. I’m going to document this weight loss. At the moment I feel very fat and ugly.

“It upsets me a lot and none of my things suit me.”

And in a new video, Kerry revealed that she was still unhappy with her body, saying: “The other day I put on jeans in size 10, could not put them on my hips, could not pull them on the waist. I can not”. don’t help my worry about it. “

Carrie was traumatized last month when she and her youngest daughters Heidi, 14, and a seven-year-old DJ watched thieves flee in her blue Range Rover while shopping in Oldham.

After the double theft of her cars, Kerry showed off her new engine.

She took to Instagram to show fans the Volkswagen Tiguan, which starts at £ 45,000.

Telling her followers that she was just renting a car, Kerry wrote, “God, thank you, thank you, sooooo much thank you !! @faster_car_finance_ltd.

“It has been a tough month to be honest, but you guys have been amazing helping me figure out the car 🚗🙏.

“Just to be clear, this is not my car! I’m currently renting it from these guys who helped me so much xxxx. “

Kerry had a shitty Christmas


Kerry had a shitty Christmas1 credit
The star contracted Covid for the second time around Christmas and was unable to celebrate with the kids.


The star contracted Covid for the second time around Christmas and was unable to celebrate with the kids.1 credit
She shares how hard times


She shares how hard times “tested” her relationship with Ryan
Devastated Kerry Catona Tests Positive Against Covid With Son Max – Leaving Christmas Ruined And Daughter DJ In Tears

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