Kevin Bacon dragged for the upcoming horror film about the treatment of gay conversions.

Kevin Bacon is perhaps best known for his turn in the semifinals as Red McCormick. 1984 Movie Musical. Fitlos. But the star has gathered. A wide range of acting. Under his belt since gaining fame in the 80’s. Bacon has plunged his feet into a variety of historical thrillers since 1991. JFK, With the recent Amazon Prime series, for drama comedy, I like dick.

And the actor’s latest role will keep him watching as he guesses the next step in his career. on Wednesday, deadline Reported it Bacon starred. And the executive is producing Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan’s latest film, which is currently an untitled horror film.

It would be a sign of a return to the horror style for Bacon, who starred in the popular era. 1980 film. Friday 13. The news outlet described Bacon’s latest plan as a “story of empowerment in the LGBTQIA + gay exchange camp”.

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But reputation City on a hill. An actor has created for himself, a skill spread across a genre, could not protect him from criticism. When news of Bacon’s involvement in the upcoming Bloomhouse production project surfaced, many fans reacted angrily, condemning the film’s plot.

After the incredible commercial success of Jordan Pales. get out In 2018, the studios realized that there is a potential gold mine in setting up a horror / thriller film in the place of an individual’s experience with organized injustices such as racism or homophobia. But Twitter users in particular have taken up the issue, calling Bacon and Logan’s upcoming project an “empowerment story” while historically disturbing as a gay exchange camp. Located.

One fan wrote, “Do we need it? Every time there’s a big gay movie, it’s always something terrible happening to us because an empowering movie has to be put in a conversion camp. ” Another tweeted, “We want gay horror movies but not like that.”

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Bloomhouse Productions is a studio known for its horror films and has produced some of the greatest people in the genre, such as Unusual activity, Distribution And Cleaning. So despite the objectionable summary of Bacon’s yet untitled next release, Some fans were optimistic. That the involvement of a famous production company can indicate the good quality of the film.

The project will also work with Theo Germain in a key role. Jermaine is a transgender actor best known for her role in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series. politician.. He has commented on it since the announcement of the film, To tweet“I’ve dreamed of working in this genre since I was a child. It’s 12 years old for me, who was obsessed with horror movies.”

We can only hope that the film’s commitment to representing the LGBTQIA + community in its cast will extend to the issues discovered in its plot. Looking forward to seeing Bacon on the big screen again soon!

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