Kevin Costner makes a fortune from episodes of “Yellowstone”

The competition for TV viewers is escalating as networks and streaming services like Netflix create great content. The big franchises are even entering the ring these days, and they spend millions to create their shows. For example Amazon Lord of the Rings the show is the most expensive in history, which only shows how fierce the competition is getting.

Yellowstonedespite the competition around it, it has been a huge success on its own, without the backing of hundreds of millions of dollars from Amazon or Disney.


The show is making money, and we’ve already rated the cast of Yellowstone at net worth, but let’s take a special look at Kevin Costner and how much he makes per episode.

Kevin Costner has a long career

Kevin Costner, who has been in the entertainment industry since the 1980s, is a hugely successful performer as an actor as well as a man who has played many roles behind the scenes. Sure, he has had ups and downs, but few can match what he has achieved.

The two-time Oscar winner has truly seen and done everything during his time in the industry, and the fact that he has been able to achieve success in film and television is a true testament to his talent. Herculean efforts that he put into some of his biggest projects, especially Dances with wolves, helped him go down in history.

Costner has continued to work in a wide variety of roles over the years, with his last career triumph being on the small screen on the show. Yellowstone, which has become a breath of fresh air for TV lovers.

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He is currently filming the TV series Yellowstone.

In June 2018 Yellowstone made his official debut on the small screen, and in four seasons on air was able to win a loyal audience that turned the show into a hit.

Thanks to a talented cast led by Kevin Costner, the series has been able to get every little detail right every step of the way. While it wasn’t a critical hit at first, the show continued to improve with each season and it was really fun to watch the show grow in terms of its critical acclaim over time.

The show has had a big enough success so far to warrant the launch of additional projects, and one project has been aired to date. At the moment, another one is in the works. It just goes to show that people truly love the world the show creates.

Thanks to the success of the show, Costner has made money in recent years, which has certainly helped his net worth.

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Costner makes $ 500,000 per episode

Signing up for the lead role on the series, Kevin Costner also became a producer, which significantly increased his starting salary. In accordance with Crib, Kevin Costner makes $ 500,000 per episode of the show, making him one of the highest paid stars on all television.

It should now be noted that many actors and actresses are not starting to make that kind of money from TV series, but Costner did bring a lot of name value to the project and he also managed to get producer credits. These two factors contributed to his salary rise to $ 500,000 per episode.

If the series continues to be successful on the small screen, then you better believe Costner’s salary will only grow. From time to time, we see TV stars cross the $ 1 million threshold, and while this is rare, it is still an achievable plateau for Costner. Time will of course tell, but the actor is on his way to making even more money than he does now. If the show goes massive, it will raise millions.

As we mentioned, this salary has certainly increased his net worth. In accordance with Celebrity net worthCostner is currently worth $ 250 million and the show’s enduring success will increase over time.

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Yellowstone has become one of the most watched shows on television and Kevin Costner will cash those checks for as long as he can.

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