Kevin Federline shares private video of Britney Spears, fans outraged

Britney Spearsfans are unhappy Kevin Federline posted on his Instagram account.

It all seemed to happen because of a post Britney wrote about her kids. Sean Preston16 and Jayden James15, Wednesday (August 10).

“I looked forward to seeing the kids every week… It was 2 days a week but I asked him to stay a few more days… maybe 3 days… but then the next week they only stayed one day. Yes, I know teenagers are just hard to deal with at this age… but RIGHT FURTHER, there is rudeness and there is HATE… they will come to me, walk in the door, go straight to their room and close the door!!! MONITOR would tell me that he just likes to be in his room… I’m like that, why come to me if they don’t even visit me!!!” Britney wrote, in part.

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She continued, “But I never said that because I have to be kind!!! REMEMBER… if I speak like a woman or say something controversial like I did with a dance move, saying no, I was sent to this place for 4 months!!! So dare I speak up and show my lofty thoughts that I am a real woman and perhaps insult a person in front of my face? No … I take it and keep quiet !!! It registers right in the core of my stomach… it hurts and I want to scream!!! I want to shake their shoulders and say, wake up, I’m here too!!!”

“This summer I was told that we can come here less, and I thought it was all right. I called their father and told him that it looks like the boys want to stop coming here too, which I understand because they have their own things to do, but I feel like they are quite harsh!!! His words were: “I would never let them make such a decision on their own… I would never do this to you”!!! Well, after that I haven’t seen them since!!!” she added.

Hours later Kevin shared some videos on Instagram with the caption: “I cannot sit back and allow my sons to be blamed in this way after what they have been through. As much as it pained us, we as a family decided to publish these videos taken by the boys when they were 11 and 12 years old. It’s not the worst yet. The lies must stop. I hope our children grow up to be better than that. #Never be afraid of the truth”

One of the videos shows Britney and her kids in a hot moment with Britney saying “This is my house, if I want to come here and give you face lotion because it’s rough and all you tell me is ‘it’s okay, it’s okay’ NO, it’s not okay.” She continues, “You all better start respecting me, okay? And when Robin calls … even Robin damn baby.”

It’s unclear who “Robin” is, but fans believe he is Robin GreenhillBritney’s former business manager and director of services for the Tri Sports and Entertainment Group.

In another video it was Britney apparently upset that her son was without shoes during the walk.

“Are you out of your mind? You are crazy? I’m shocked by you and don’t know what to do,” she allegedly said. “And I’m afraid of you because you’re weird, because you’re going through puberty. And I don’t know what to say. But it worries me more than you think.

Fans have shared their reactions to Kevin decided to publish these personal moments.

All this comes after Kevinhe did a candid interview.

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