Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson apologize to fans for conspicuous error in ‘Man from Toronto’

As many viewers immediately noticed, despite the movie’s title being The Man from Toronto, both Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson mispronounce the word “Toronto” throughout the movie. Both actors pronounce the name “Toe-RON-Toe” – with an extra accent on the second “T” – in a way that no one from the real city of Toronto pronounces this name. As indicated BlogTOthe correct pronunciation is much closer to “Toronno”, using a hard “T” on the last syllable, meaning someone doesn’t actually live in the city.

“You have to remember… I’m not from Toronto. If you’re from Toronto, you certainly understand that, that’s how you say it,” Hart said during an interview with Ottawa Sun. “All the people who say it through [the world] not from Toronto… he [The Man From Toronto] is a world-famous hitman.”

Woody Harrelson also stepped in to defend his co-star during an interview, saying, “Any time this is mispronounced by the people of Toronto, we apologize.” While Hart is good at noticing that his character is out of town, since Harrelson actually plays the eponymous “Toronto Man” and still constantly mispronounces the word, it’s easy to see why so many Toronto natives picked up on this mistake.

In any case, it’s pretty funny that such a blatant dialectal mistake made its way into the final film, as any real Toronto native can easily tell The Toronto Man doesn’t quite live up to its name.

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