Kevin Smith explains the real reason you can’t stream or digitally buy Dogma

Due to controversy brewing even before Dogma was filmed, Miramax’s parent company, Disney, pressured the film’s producer and Miramax head Harvey Weinstein to stop production on the film. Ignoring Disney, Weinstein allowed Smith to direct the film. After the conclusion, Disney again tried to dissuade Weinstein. Disney eventually banned Miramax from releasing it. As a result, Weinstein personally purchased the rights to Dogma and released it through Lionsgate.

Moving forward, after Weinstein’s conviction, Smith revealed that Dogma was being considered for a new DVD release, meaning that Weinstein was trying to sell the rights. Accordingly, Weinstein requested a whopping $5 million under the guise of Smith’s involvement, which was not the case as he told the lawyers in no uncertain terms that he refused to work with Weinstein again.

In the end, Smith decided to buy the rights himself and, through his lawyers, made an offer that Weinstein refused. Smith responded with a higher bid, but Weinstein again declined. Assuming Weinstein was firm on the asking price, Smith relented, arguing that Wrapper“Look, I love Dogma as much as I love any other guy, but a) I don’t have $5 million and b) it’s not something the market can handle anymore. We live in the age of streaming.” Another source ultimately told the Clerks creator that Weinstein simply did not want to sell him Dogma. Knowing this, Smith realized that he simply had no choice.

Smith later lamented, “What sucks is that he also sits his fat ass on my film. And the right thing to do would be to sell it back to me, even if you didn’t want to sell it at the price I said first. Tell us what that price is and sell me back my expression.”

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