Kevin Smith talks about his real-life heart attack with Clerks III

Kevin Smith said that going back to his heart attack for Clerks III wasn’t difficult for him because “my whole career I’ve been stealing from the real Kevin Smith and putting it in movies and stuff. It was no different.” However, before he could take on Clerks III and delve into the aftermath of the health scare he went through, he had to finish Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which he was working on when he had a heart attack. Reboot is like a party movie. It’s like, “Oh my God, I’m alive,” Smith explained. “The next thing I sat down to write was after a heart attack. Reboot was written before the heart attack and with drafts after the heart attack, but the first full script after the heart attack was Clerks III.

Although Smith had previously written the Clerks III version, he admitted to revisiting the story after his near-death experience because “in this movie, I was trying to cause grief before I really understood what grief was. It’s a boy. talk about death without experiencing death itself.

“I’ve always been concerned about the authenticity that Clerks has that Clerks II doesn’t have and Clerks III can’t have. Clerks is full of authenticity because I worked in the store,” Smith said. “’Clerks 2’… I won’t say it’s artificial, but it’s a movie. It’s full of artificiality… It’s not really based on my life at the time.

However, in Clerks III, Smith was once again able to create a film based on his personal experiences. Clerks III is so close to Clerks because it’s literally based on my reality. Not only did I work at a quick stop, I had a heart attack and filmed a movie about the job at a convenient location. shop in black and white,” Smith mused. “I thought, ‘This is a way I can make an authentic Clerks sequel, move the story forward and take it to where I’ve always wanted to take it.’

Lionsgate has partnered with Fathom Events to release Clerks III exclusively in theaters from September 13th to 18th.

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