Kevin Spacey now owes an astonishing amount for his House of Cards shooting

In today’s decision, Judge Mel Red Ryokana affirmed the previous October 2020 decision. The previous decision insisted that Kevin Spacey owes MRC over $29 million in damages, as well as over $1 million in court and legal fees (via Term). Since then, Spacey’s legal team has fought to have the award rescinded (in a sense, thrown away) based on the fact that external evidence was used to determine the final amount of damages owed to the production company. Judge Ryokana not only disagreed, but withheld 14 pages of disagreement with Spacey’s legal team’s arguments. “Even in a closed case, the decision of the arbitrator must remain in force … Here, [Spacey] cannot demonstrate that this is even a close case,” he wrote in his final decision.

The Deadline article also mentions that throughout this, Spacey continued to maintain his innocence. There are numerous court documents in which he denies ever sexually abusing anyone, but respects the court’s final decision nonetheless. And his career is not yet over, despite all the controversy and legal battles. Back in May New York Post announced his upcoming lead role in Peter Five Eight (with the surprising tagline “Guilty always pays the price”) about a charismatic real estate agent (Spacey) who is secretly a brutal serial killer. Although the article in the publication focused on the release of the film’s official trailer, the video has since been taken down and marked private on YouTube.

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