Keyshia Caoir and Gucci Mane are expecting their second child together

Keyshia Ca’oir as well as Gucci Mane expanding their blended families! On Friday (September 9), Keyshia shared a heartfelt video in which she announced that the couple were expecting their second child together.

Gucci and Keyshia have children from a previous relationship, although they try to keep them a secret from prying eyes. Their only exception is their first child and son together, Ice Davis, who even has his own Instagram account. Husband and wife welcomed Ice on December 23, 2020.

However, Gucci refuted claims that the couple did not care for their other children in their single released in June 2022. Mrs Davis.

“They’re trying to spread this story that we’re bad parents,” Gucci read. “I take care of all my children, mothers, grandparents.”

Keyshia’s video announcement showed the couple’s new journey from when Gucci found out about baby number two to the ultrasound visit.

“Let’s have another baby, ICE needs someone to play with,” Keyshia wrote in the caption – lyrics on Mrs Davis.

Gucci Mane smiled when he found out about the new pregnancy

The announcement video was just over a minute long. It starts by looking at a digital test labeled “pregnant”. With a piss stick in hand, Keyshia approached Gucci, who was lying in bed. A smile began to spread across his face as soon as he saw what his wife was serving him. As soon as the test was in his hands, the image became pearly white.

The next scene in the video is a couple at the doctor’s office. Keyshia lies on the bed with her hands behind her head while the ultrasound doctor looks for their baby’s heartbeat.

It’s unclear how far the beauty and fitness entrepreneur is from the video, but on the ultrasound, their new bundle of joy seemed to be kicking and bouncing. Both Keyshia and Gucci were smiling broadly as they watched their growing baby on the ultrasound monitor.

The cute video ends with a clip of Ice Davis playing with the Little Tikes car. In the background, Gucci’s voice echoes the lyrics from his June 2022 single, which Keyshia included in the caption.

Their announcement comes more than eight months after Keishia asked her husband for another dose of joy in December 2021, and he agreed!

It is currently unclear if the couple is expecting a boy or a girl. However, according to Gucci from the song Mrs Davis, “every time [they] have fun, [he] ends with a son.

Congratulations to Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane!

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