Khloe Kardashian Gives Hint About Baby Boy’s Name

Khloé Kardashian may have spilled the beans on her newborn baby’s name!

Now, of the Kardashian sisters, there’s always been a bit of an awkward one.

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The youngest Kardashian (and middle sister of the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan) is Khloé, and ever since the sisters graced our screens many people have pointed out that they don’t look like their siblings.

But her dramatic changes in appearance have seen her at the center of controversy for some time now…

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Her weight loss and journey to the gym has been well-documented on social media. KUWTK, But his online promotion of potentially harmful weight loss products has not gone unnoticed by his critics.

Khloé has been accused of several cosmetic procedures, including a nose job.

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Of course, she flatly refused to go under the knife, explaining that her completely new nose shape was the result of cleverly applied makeup.

But it wasn’t just rhinoplasty…

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On top of that, she’s always had suspiciously smooth skin and even developed that signature Kardashian figure.

And the size of her lips has also created a stir online…

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Of course, many of the Kardashian sisters are known for their enhanced pouts — but none more so than Kylie Jenner, who has also incorporated lips as part of her cosmetics line’s branding.

But it looks like Khloé is now giving him a run for his money!

Many fans claim that they actually have no problem with the cosmetic work…

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What’s more, the lies that social media stars claim to tell about their cosmetic enhancements try to pass them off as simple lifestyle changes.

And predictably, Khloe’s Instagram gets it. a lot Attention because of this.

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Just like her sisters, she’s known for her love of selfies and glamorous photo shoots, but some of the photos she’s been posting lately have garnered less-than-favorable comments.

She is being accused of constantly photoshopping and tweeting her pictures…

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Which, we should say, is Very Clear in some.

Khloé has recently been embroiled in a different controversy…

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And it all revolves around his daughter, Sach.

Kardashian superfans may be familiar with her business plan, The closetWhere they sell used clothes, some of which have been worn by famous celebrities.

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“Each authentic item has been hand-picked and is now only available to the public for purchase here,” The site says.

But the recent drop included many of Khloe’s daughter’s old clothes…

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And it’s safe to say that people are not impressed.

Reason? Those prices…

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Many of these second-hand items are listed for hundreds of dollars – with some even more expensive than their original RRP!

“Who would pay that much for baby clothes, let alone use them,” one Twitter user wrote.

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“Who gives a damn about brand names. So disgusted when these clothes could be donated to people in need.

“I see why they are rich… people buy anything and at ridiculous prices,” added another.

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“The Kardashian/Jenner family resells their clothing items on their website all the time: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie all have clothes from their closets and more on the website, and this In case, you believe that another one will be cheaper but think again.

Khloe’s move regarding her daughter has once again created a stir among people online.

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what happened now? You might be thinking…

Khloé Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram page of her 3-year-old daughter, True, wearing a full face of glam makeup.

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Now, although some comments were celebrating the kid’s cuteness…

It’s safe to say that many people had different opinions…

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But, we have to hand it to the truth here… her eyeshadow was on point.

Since breaking the internet last month with news of her welcoming a baby boy with ex-flame Tristan Thompson…

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Khloé has been making headlines for adorable posts of her daughter True Thompson.

In 2017, the reality star confessed. You magazinethat he embraced the concept of always letting kids be kids…

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And even went on to show how much fun the Kardashian kids really enjoy when they come over for a sleepover.

“My house is a fun house for my nieces and nephews. We do arts and crafts and cook a lot. We like to play outside and in the pool, just being silly,” she said.

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“I have water balloons and we have water fights. I’m like a big kid myself. At night when I babysit them, we have dance parties. I give their mom the evening off. Love to give,” he added.

But it’s never been that easy for the reality star…

As she faced a difficult journey when it came to having her own child and even documented her fertility struggles. Keeping up with the Kardashians…

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But her prayers were soon answered when she announced that she was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April 2018.

The star has finally managed to get into the good books of his followers…

It all started when Khloé posted a few snaps of True wearing a pink outfit that included a pair of cutout Crocs, a pink denim skirt and matching ribbed vest top, and a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses.

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The post quickly got a million likes and what is winning our hearts was the caption she wrote along with the photos.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink,” Khloe wrote, referencing the famous line from the 2004 film. Cruel Girls.

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And the post quickly managed to gain a lot of attention, as people compared the stark differences between True and her cousins, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner’s kids in seconds.

“He has a refreshing spirit! Something that can’t be described, but just seen and felt. Such a cool kid,” said one user on Reddit.

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While another commented on how Khloé dresses age-appropriately.

“It’s because True is wearing age-appropriate colors,” added another.

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Fans even started a praise fest online, and soon people were comparing Khloé’s choice of clothing for her baby to Kim’s aesthetic for her children.

“[Khloé] Kim doesn’t follow an ‘aesthetic’ and keeps them in muted colors all the time,” said one person.

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But some even blasted Kim’s choice of clothing for her children as “weird”.

“I love North’s goth/edgy vibes that she has because she’s at an age where you know she’s picking out these clothes for herself.

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“Some of the things they had her wear as a little girl were very little. [sic] Cheetah print slip dresses or leather leggings, band tees and gold chains she looked cute but she was also… 2,” she said.

You can check out Khloé’s post. Here.

And now, Khloe has spoken about her baby for the first time…

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After keeping a low profile since the birth of her son last month, fans rejoiced over Khloe’s small but very cute family expansion.

In a recent interview with Alethe 37-year-old reality star admitted that she loves everything about motherhood…

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“I know it’s cliché, but I love everything, even the hard parts. My kids challenge me as a person, and being able to mold little people into really incredible big people is a It’s an honor and a gift,” he told the media outlet.

Even highlighting how everything is exposed to young children these days…

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“We have to take these roles seriously, especially in today’s day and age, given how accessible children are and the information they are exposed to at such a young age,” he added.

“It’s scary, but I take my job very seriously. I love it,” Khloe concluded.

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Khloe also recently opened up about how the news of Tristan’s affair affected her, as she found out shortly before welcoming their second child.

She shared her feelings in an emotional promotional video for season 2. The Kardashians.

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Khloe can be seen crying over the news.

TMZ broke the story that Tristan was expecting a child with a personal trainer. Marali Nicholas last year. At the same time, the couple was expecting a son via surrogate.

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The news hit Kardashian hard.

And although Tristan apologized, saying: “I sincerely apologize to anyone I have hurt or disappointed, both publicly and privately, during this ordeal.”

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He added: “Khloe, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the pain and humiliation I’ve put you through. You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you over the years. What is the behavior?

It seems things will never be the same.

Since then, the baby has been born!

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And fans are speculating on the name!

Well, looks like Khloe has revealed all…

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“It’s going to start with a T,” she revealed in the latest episode. The Kardashians. I mean, those are the only names I see.”

“We could name him Travis and then just have an easy three,” Chris then joked.

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What do you think the name will be?

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