Khloe Kardashian has been criticized for “repeatedly using KKK as a highlight” as she has been called “racist” for her past behavior

Years after she and her sisters were criticized for a poorly received joke about the Ku Klux Klan during a Family Feud parody, Khloe Kardashian turned the same gaudy joke into a meme.

Once again, Chloe was criticized by fans and called racist.


Chloe shared this image on her Instagram.1 credit
Sister Kardashian criticized for a tasteless joke


Sister Kardashian criticized for a tasteless jokeCredit: Eh! the network

TikTok users recently rediscovered Chloe’s 2014 Instagram postwhich showed her and her sisters dressed all in white, with a message that reads: “The only KKK that ever let black men in.”

She even signed the picture: “True.”

Chloe deleted the post after a few hours, but the internet never forgets, and after reopening it, a new level of backlash has emerged.

One TikTok user replied, “Time to shut them down … Imagine the audacity of these shell women?”

Another followed: “They are absolutely disgusting!”

While one person was at a standstill: “God, they piss me off. I do not know why someone is paying them real money for the fact that they just exist? “

The reaction was similar to an outpouring of criticism against the family when they cracked a similar joke on Mad TV.

Back in 2008, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney were joined by Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, 66, and her ex Kaitlyn Jenner, 72, for a parody of a celebrity family feud at the old Saturday Night Live Competition.

During the episode, one of the actors playing “Al Rocker” noted that the spelling of Courtney’s name is unusual.

After Chris pointed out that all the girls in the family had names beginning with “K”, 42-year-old Courtney pointed to her sisters, saying, “The three of us girls even started our own club.”

Kim, 41, added, “We call it KKK.

“Al” laughed and said, “You might want to rethink this.”


The clip was posted by the user TEC So user in October, while the text on the screen read “I don’t care if it’s a sketch, IT’S NOT FUNNY.”

Many angry TikTok users criticized the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” stars for a half-hearted joke, as one person commented, “I hope they choke!”

Another called them “evil.”

However, one person said that the sister may not have taken the joke and suggested that they might just be “extremely dumb.”


The family’s appearance on Mad TV isn’t the first questionable clip to surface.

Just a few days ago, fans called 37-year-old Chloe “racist” after an old music video she made during her stay on KUWTK reappeared.

In this scene, the TV presenter stood up for her sister Kim after the trolls accused her of appropriating black culture.

Offering a response to the haters, Chloe said, “Fact with the hashtag, my baby is black.

Hashtag: I only like black dicks. That’s what I would say. “

Chloe then seemed to use the n-word when describing some of the name-calling she received from fans.

After one Twitter user shared old clip, fans quickly pleaded with Hulu to “cancel” the new family show.


Another questionable act from Khloe’s past was when she attended a red carpet event dressed as a pimp while she kept her black friends on leashes.

The costume consisted of Chloe wearing a blue blazer, matching trousers, white tank top and top hat.

The KUWTK alum stood among four black women, including her best friend Malika Hakk and actress Megan Goode.

The women wore white underwear and blue collars that were attached to leashes held by Chloe.

The fans took up Reddit criticize Chloe for her “pimp” costume, as one person called the TV host “deaf.”

Another wrote, “This is very frustrating.”

Another critic added: “So inhuman. What the hell is wrong with these people ??? “

This joke was similar to the one that backfired a few years ago.


This joke was similar to the one that backfired a few years ago.1 credit
Chloe was called racist even after her relationship with Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson.


Chloe was called racist even after her relationship with Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson.1 credit
Some fans have called for the cancellation of the entire Kardashian family.


Some fans have called for the cancellation of the entire Kardashian family.Credit: Courtney Kardash / Instagram
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were called “racists” for jokes about “KKK” in the reappeared video “Family Feud”

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