Khloe Kardashian is called “Tone Deaf” after losing her curly hair.

Star of truth خلو کارداشیئن۔ Has arrived Under fire for her “deaf accent” Commentary on his struggle against COVID-19

During a recent Twitter space chat with his fans, on September 29, Khloe Kardashian talked about her struggle. Of Continue with Kardashians. The star struggled with the coveted during the shooting of the final season of the March 2020 show, and therefore in the public eye.

However, during such horrific and confusing times, the filming of the series proved to be a welcome distraction for the young Kardashian. He explained, “He let us do something, and although it was such a terrible time, it was good to have this trouble, but yes, we all – now it’s like our new routine – but then we were all like that. Nervous, terrified. No one knew what was happening. ”

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Talking about his symptoms, Kardashian outlined that he suffers from every understandable symptom of the virus, in addition to loss of taste and smell. However, it was a specific comment about him that angered fans on the reality star.

On the subject of collagen brand Dose & Company, Kardashian explained how. Covid’s hair loss affected his life..

“My hair really fell out of the cove. After that, it was really a one-minute struggle,” he said.

As a global spokesperson for the brand, he has since advocated for Dose & Co., highlighting how their collagen powder has helped restore. Her natural hair As he put it, he has helped her “so much, so much.”

Kardashian then went on to promote the brand as he said, “I make powder, just because we have had it for so long, and I take a lot of vitamins a day, it’s very easy for me.”

However, after the Twitter space chat, fans became enraged at Kardashian. Pointing out her “deaf tone” and “numbness”, many highlighted how lucky she was to recover from the virus. He claimed that the reality star’s “struggle” was less than the experiences of those who lost their friends and family to Coved.

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For example, one Twitter user said, “Are you really worried about your hair falling out during a cove? I cried a river … Thousands of people have lost their lives, and if she is crying. [sic] Ball? The GTFO still does not understand why people keep paying Kardashian. ”

While another said, “Sniff! Wow, this is tantamount to losing you mom, sister, dad or brother. Those Kardashians can really be about people’s (not washing) worst moments.

Others trolled Kardashian. As she claimed, her hair was more likely to fall out because of the “color, extension and extreme hair style” she often gave.

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