Khloe Kardashian leads fans into Tru’s daughter’s bedroom while a three-year-old girl dances adorable around the PINK Christmas tree.

TRUE Thompson showcased her adorable dance moves for mom Khloe Kardashian, showcasing her huge room and the remnants of Christmas decor.

In a series of Instagram stories, Chloe filmed Truth dancing, trying to capture it on camera.


Real dance in front of her treeCredit: Instagram
Smiling 3-year-old girl demonstrates her movements


Smiling 3-year-old girl demonstrates her movementsCredit: Instagram

In the first two videos, the adorable three-year-old girl gives the best hula impression by chanting “I am an island girl” over and over.

Then, after some incitement from her mom, the little girl takes on a series of poses as if she is getting ready for a fashion photo shoot.

She continues to shake her hips in another video, this time humming, “You have to keep up the good work. You have to keep it moving. “

At the end of the dance-a-tone, she fell to her knees, spread her arms and shouted out approval, while her proud mother laughs in the background.

East has plenty of room to showcase her dance moves in her spacious room with wooden floors and a plush white wall-to-wall rug for comfort.

There is a small pink Christmas tree against the wall, which is slightly larger than the smallest lady.

A nearby bookcase displays stories and stuffed friends.

As 37-year-old Chloe turns around, viewers can see Tru’s bathroom, which has a bathtub and a stool leading to her sink.


The Happy Moments were a welcome escape from the reality TV star’s “lonely” holiday season, held without cheating by former Tristan Thompson.

Insider reported In touch: “Chloe made her best poker face to make sure Easty had the best Christmas ever. She’s only 3 years old, but it’s a memory and Chloe wants her to look back and remember the fun times with her aunts and discoveries. for all her cousins. “

Khloe posted a video True with the children of sisters Kim, Kourtney and Kylie Jenner, when they were specially visited by Santa at a Christmas party in the Kardashians.

The two posed for photos with Santa as they neglected Tristan at the celebration.

Despite the holiday screenings on social media, an insider reported In touch: “Of course it’s bitter for Chloe. She’s got it right, but she’s lonely.

“She really thought this Christmas would be different. Tristan promised her that he had changed. They talked about having more children and growing old together. “

The source continued, “They had these conversations. But betrayal and the birth of a child shattered all her dreams.

“It doesn’t help that her sisters, even her mother, are in a stable relationship. She is not jealous of them, she is simply sad because of her position. “


After hanging out with Tristan Thompson for many years, Chloe seems to have finally left the NBA athlete and will start 2022 with a clean slate.

The 37-year-old was “embarrassed” and “upset” when Tristan reportedly gave birth to a son with 31-year-old fitness trainer Maralie Nichols earlier this month.

Marali claimed that they conceived the baby on the night of Tristan’s birthday in March, when he and Chloe were dating exclusively.

Tristan initially denied her allegations, but later admitted that they met several times for sex.

A source exclusively told Kristen Bell Tattoos that she and Tristan committed suicide, saying, “The truth is, she feels she cannot bring him back in public even if she wanted to.

“She is afraid that another woman with a different story will appear, and her family has forbidden it.”

Grand finale


Grand finaleCredit: Instagram
Chloe and Tru take this vacation without cheating on Tristan Thompson's dad


Chloe and Tru take this vacation without cheating on Tristan Thompson’s dadCredit: Instagram / khloekardashian.
Tristan accused of paternity of a child from personal trainer Maralie Nichols


Tristan accused of paternity of a child from personal trainer Maralie NicholsCredit: Instagram / maraleenichols

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