Khloe Kardashian looks beyond recognition in the photo with a comeback with sisters Kim and Kourtney

KHLOE Kardashian looks completely unrecognizable in the photo in which she was with her sisters Kim and Kourtney before surgeries and other tricks.

The co-founder of Good American recently admitted she changed her appearance.


Khloe Kardashian is unrecognizable in the comeback photo shared by sister Kourtney Kardashian.Credit: Instagram / kourtneykardash
Poosh's co-founder, meanwhile, hasn't changed.


Poosh’s co-founder, meanwhile, hasn’t changed.

Kourtney shared the snapshot on her Instagram story on Wednesday after it was posted to her fan account.

In the photo, Chloe is standing between sisters Kim and Kourtney.

Both Kim and Courtney are smiling in the photo, and Chloe looks serious.

The signature posted by the fan account read “Sister Bond” with a red heart emoji.

Kim and Kourtney look almost the same as they do now, despite the fact that their style is in line with the fashion of the time.

Chloe has changed a bit since the photo was taken.

In addition to the nose job, she has lightened and shortened her hair, and has rarely – if ever – watched it covered with natural nails.

Kourtney’s comeback post came after Kim shared her memories of herself and the founder of Poosh.


The beauty mogul shared an Instagram Story post at an old friend’s birthday celebration.

In the post, Kim and Kourtney are shown seated on either side of Anthony Schiller, a venture capitalist and longtime friend of the Kardashians and Kanye West.

Kim rushed to Anthony, thanking him “for 40 years of our friendship!”

While little has changed for Kourtney other than her edgy style, Kim looked completely different in the photo.

The former “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has been photographed with long, dark hair that looks almost natural, reaching down to her shoulders.

She had bangs framing her face that hadn’t been there in years.

Kim and Kourtney have been known to share throwback photos.

Fans recently commented that Kourtney looks ageless and often looks the same as she does in old photos today.

The mom of three recently posted photos from her days in Arizona showing how little she has changed since she was a sun devil.

Frozen in time

One of the comeback photos showed Courtney smiling next to her friend Sarah Howard, who was celebrating her birthday the day the photos went online.

She was in the early 2000s style, wearing a white T-shirt under a black leather jacket.

Courtney was also seen wearing a lot of lip gloss – a sign of the trend at the time.

In another comeback photo, Courtney posed again with Sarah wearing large gold plunging hoop earrings.

Her hair in the photo was slightly longer and she had bangs.

Courtney signed the message: “We also went to college.”

Although the photographs were taken nearly two decades ago, little has changed except for Courtney’s style.

Kim has posted similar college photos of herself and Kourtney, further proving that she is timeless.

She joked in the caption to one of these posts: “Student years, baby !!! The University of Arizona alone did not allow me to turn into a wild party girl. I remember visiting Court on campus and being her assigned driver.

“I hated all these wild parties so much that I stayed at home and never wanted to drink or hang out EVER … so thank you U of A.

“I’ve never been a student there, but you have shaped my life more than you think.”

Even in much older photographs, Courtney hasn’t changed.

Kim shared her memories of the 1990s, and fans couldn’t help but admire how similar Kourtney looked.

In December, she posted a 1994 photo of herself and her sister.

In the photo, Kim sported a wide smile and cut her hair short.

Courtney, meanwhile, sat a little across from her sister, grinning, her face hanging in a curtain.

One fan commented, “Forever Young”

Another wrote, “Looks like Chi and P!” citing daughter Kim Chicago and daughter Courtney Penelope.

Courtney has recently appeared in several old photographs.


Courtney has recently appeared in several old photographs.Credit: Instagram / Kimkardashian.
Fans continue to marvel at Courtney's ageless beauty


Fans continue to marvel at Courtney’s ageless beautyCredit: Instagram / Kimkardashian.
The Kardashian family has changed a lot over the years.


The Kardashian family has changed a lot over the years.Credit: Getty
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian along with Kylie, Kendall and Kris Jenner presented the first promo of the new Hulu show on the New Years show

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