Khloe Kardashian Says She Corrects People Who Call True “Big” Instead Of “Tall”

Khloe Kardashian has spoken out against bodybuilders and critics many times and now that her mama is in rear mode, Khloe shares the same energy with her 3-year-old daughter, True Thompson.

Trying to save my daughter. Body image problems Khloe Kardashian said that she herself corrects those who call the truth “big” when it really means “tall”.

In a recent interview with, Khloe explained that she did not want the truth to be misinterpreted.

“I don’t play when it comes to the truth. He’s too tall. People will always say, ‘He’s too big,'” Khloe revealed. “And I would say, ‘Oh, he’s too tall.’ I try to make them more explanatory.

“I know what it means when adults say that, but I don’t want them to misinterpret it,” he added.

Khloe talks about her relationship with food and body image, which helps protect her truth.

“When it comes to food – I had a lot of problems,” Khloe said. “It wasn’t from one person, I only guess from society or how people criticized my body.”

In April, Khloe spoke openly with her Instagram followers while defending her attempts to erase her unread bikini photo from the internet.

“As a person who has struggled with a physical image all his life, when someone takes a picture of you who is not flattering in bad light or working so hard to get your body to that point. And then share it with the world – you should have every right to demand that it not be shared – regardless of who you are.

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