Khloe Kardashian shows off massive lips in new photo with 5-year-old niece Dream after fans accused her of plastic surgery

KHLOE Kardashian showed off her massive lips in a new photo with her niece Dream.

Keen Kardashian fans recently accused the Good American founder of plastic surgery.


Fans think they spotted a clue that Khloe Kardashian got more cosmetic surgery when the TV presenter attended the FYC Hulu event ‘The Kardashians’.1 credit
Khloe Kardashian posted a picture with her five-year-old niece Dream showing off her plump lips


Khloe Kardashian posted a picture with her five-year-old niece Dream showing off her plump lips1 credit

Khloe, 37, posted a photo of herself and her five-year-old niece Dream on her Instagram account.

Dream is the daughter of Khloé’s brother Rob Kardashian, 35, and Blac Chyna, 34, the latter of whom recently lost in a lengthy legal battle with the Kardashian family.

In the photo, Dream smiles and flashes a peace sign at the camera, while proud Aunt Chloe pulls her close, pursing her plump lips.

Khloe captioned the photo: “Dream and I wish you nothing but peace and love.”

Khloe criticized for
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Khloe’s enlarged lips have been a constant topic of conversation among Kardashian fans.

AT recent selfie with actor Kerry WashingtonKhloe pursed her lips next to the 45-year-old star in a blue top and chunky sunglasses.

Kerry smiled softly for the camera in a gold ponytail dress, while Kris flaunted her classic black suit.

The star of the scandal captioned the photo: “Call me Kerry Kardashian,” tagging friends and adding a few hearts to decorate.

Fans weren’t impressed with Khloe’s look and took to Reddit to discuss her plump pout.

One Redditor wrote, “Chloe’s lips are so bad.”

“Looking at her next to Kerry’s natural plump lips is very confusing,” said a second fan.

A third agreed: “That’s it, like how are Chloe’s lips significantly larger than those of a black woman known for her full lips?”

“I hate Chloe’s lip injections with a passion,” one said.

“Chloe looks like half of her face is paralyzed,” another snapped.

“Lol, Kerry Washington is adorable. And Chloe’s lips are a mess, mmm. She looks great here, except for her lips. [I] much more like her original smile,” said the latest Reddit user.


A few eagle-eyed Kardashian fans noticed what they believe are changes in Khloe’s appearance during a recent appearance at the El Captian Theater’s For Your will review event.

Differences in appearance led them to assume that the TV presenter has done more plastic surgery.

The reality TV star wore a white blouse with matching pants as she headed to the Hulu event.

Her blond locks straightened as she paced the floor in high heels.

While in public, Khloe showed off her toned arms and took a peek at her chest as she donned a low back jumpsuit.

The Good American founder completed the sultry look with oversized sunglasses, white stilettos and a black handbag.

The TV personality was promoting the season finale of her reality show, which recently aired on the streaming service.


Reddit users took to the comments section after sharing photos of the famous family from the event.

KUWTK fans stated that E! the star allegedly underwent breast augmentation surgery and a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

One fan said, “Seriously, Khloe got a Brazilian butt lift? She looks so proportionate.”

Another fan added, “Khloe had a subtle breast augmentation?

“She’s always had small breasts and with the weight loss, you would think they would get smaller.”

A third fan mentioned, “They definitely look like implants.”

A fourth person wrote: “Chloe looks different!”

The commentator chimed in: “Khloe traded ass for boobs – the best decision she’s ever made.”


Khloe’s plastic surgery path has been a recurring topic of discussion, and more recently fans have speculated that she had her fillers removed.

A photoshoot of the TV presenter, which she shared a couple of weeks ago, showed off a different rear end from the one she sported a few years ago.

When Khloe was in her thirties, she attracted a lot of attention, especially in the tight skirts and trousers she prefers.

Due to the fact that her buttocks look somewhat disproportionately larger than the rest of her, some fans have speculated that she may have undergone a Brazilian butt lift.

Despite the surgery rumors, Khloe started sharing her fitness regimen more with her social media followers after her show Revenge Body premiered in 2017.

She even released the book Strong Looks Better Naked, in which she described her journey to “become the best version” of herself.

However, her booty looked as big as ever, fans wondered if all her success could be attributed to her hard work in the gym.

But by 2021, Chloe’s butt has shrunk in size.

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Fans have noticed that she has become smaller than before and asked if she removed the fillers they suspected she had.

Despite the rumors, Khloe denies ever getting a buttock augmentation.

Khloe Kardashian continues to show off her plump lips in another photo with daughter True, who is four, and niece Dream.


Khloe Kardashian continues to show off her plump lips in another photo with daughter True, who is four, and niece Dream.Credit: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian
Fans are not impressed with Chloe's enlarged lips.  One Redditor wrote, "I hate Chloe's lip injections with a passion.".


Fans are not impressed with Chloe’s enlarged lips. One Redditor wrote, “I hate Chloe’s lip injections with a passion.”Credit: Instagram/@khloekardashian
Kardashian fans believe Khloe got BBL and got a boob job


Kardashian fans believe Khloe got BBL and got a boob job1 credit

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