Khloe Kardashian was criticized this time by dressing up as a “pimp” and putting black friends on leashes after the “n-word clip” surfaced

KHLOE Kardashian was criticized for once dressing up as a “pimp” and putting her black friends on leashes after a clip surfaced where she used the “n-word”.

A 37-year-old man in a scandalous suit took to the red carpet in the mid-2000s.


Chloe criticized for her “pimp” costume1 credit
The reaction came after an old clip of Chloe using the


The reaction followed after an old clip of Chloe using the word “n-word” surfaced.Credit: Khloekardashian / Instagram

The controversial suit consisted of Chloe wearing a blue blazer, matching pants, a white tank top, and a top hat.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum stood among women, among whom were four black women, including her best friend Malika Hakk and actress Megan Goode.

The women wore white underwear and blue collars that were attached to leashes held by Chloe.

Fans recently accepted Reddit criticize Chloe for her “pimp” costume, as one person called the TV host “deaf.”

Another wrote, “This is very frustrating.”

One fan called Chloe “the worst” and another added, “What the fuck. Imagine that you think it was funny or appropriate for a joke. “

Another critic added: “So inhuman. What the hell is wrong with these people ??? “


The backlash came shortly after Chloe’s “racist” old music video reappeared from her time on KUWTK.

In this scene, the reality TV star stood up for her 41-year-old sister Kim after trolls accused her of appropriating black culture.

Offering a response to the haters, Chloe said, “The hashtag is fact, my baby is black.

Hashtag: I only like black dicks. That’s what I would say. “

The TV host then seemed to use the n-word when describing some of the name-calling she gets from fans.

After one fan shared old clip on Twitter, others rushed to plead with Hulu to “cancel” the famous family’s new show.


“Expensive @ hulu“If you continue to support the Kardashian family and provide them with a platform, I will cancel your service,” one of them wrote in a comment received RadarOnline

“I will never put up with the racism or bullying that the Kardashian / Jenner family continues to perpetuate,” they added, before closing down with hashtags: “#boycotthulu” and “#cancelkardashians”.

The second agreed, writing: “They need to be canceled !! Why did Hulu even bother to prolong the life of this show ??

“It’s culturally insensitive and out of sync with social change. The whole family is a group of culture vultures … I’m above them !! “

The third complained, “Oh my gosh no! Why didn’t I know about it? “


Although Khloe’s scandalous past has surfaced, Hulu plans to continue producing the newest reality show, Kardashian.

Following the show’s announcement in September, the network provided a quick turnaround.

The new family series will be out in the next few weeks.

Hulu’s new show follows the end of KUWTK, which aired 15 years ago on E!

Chloe allegedly used the


Chloe allegedly used the “n-word” in an old KUWTK music video.1 credit
Fans criticized the TV presenter for an offensive story


Fans criticized the TV presenter for an offensive story1 credit
Social Media Users Begged Hulu To Cancel New Kardashian Reality Show


Social Media Users Begged Hulu To Cancel New Kardashian Reality ShowCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Khloe Kardashian fans urge new reality show Hulu to be canceled after star’s racist music video emerges

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