Kiara, Anne Hathaway and others dragged on to tell world leaders about ‘eradicating COVID epidemic now’

Tuesday before that. President BidenThe first UN address, an open letter was published, calling on world leaders to end the COVID-19 epidemic, signed by several celebrities.

Posted On the Care Organization’s website, which is dedicated to alleviating poverty around the world, Call to Action boasted signatures from big names like Planet. Anne Hathaway And Eva Longoria. “None of us is safe until we are all safe,” the message said. Work together to end it. ”

The letter describes how citizens of vulnerable third world countries do not have access to the COVID vaccine. It recommends a worldwide effort to provide resources and political support to those who are “insecure” and infected. And it also aims to make 7 billion vaccine doses available to those struggling before the end of the year.

But despite the letter’s seemingly reasonable stance on vaccine availability, many Twitter users have responded negatively to these public figures, thinking they can only demand an end to the global epidemic. A user Written“Thank God these ‘dozens’ of celebrities have called on world leaders to ‘end’ the epidemic. The world’s hunger too ???”

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And another was reminded of the ridiculous moment at the onset of the epidemic when a group of celebrities united against the COVID virus. to cover He wrote a song by John Lennon, “Have they thought about covering the image?” While the other Just kidding“F *** they’re going to sing again, aren’t they?” And another dubious Twitter user wrote, “Celebrities Coved: STOPPP. Like a real stop.”

But others on social media platforms acknowledged that the approach proposed in the open letter is actually more important than its mission statement, suggesting “now eradicate COVID epidemic”. One wrote, “Read the article !! It’s like people advocating for the distribution of unused vaccines in countries they don’t have access to !! Christ, you all”

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And another focused on the widespread misinterpretation of the open letter. He tweeted, “Logo, this is actually a letter to world leaders and the United Nations calling for vaccine equality.”

The contents of the celebrity’s approved open letter seem quite positive. But the Internet’s collective misunderstanding of the purpose of the note has led to at least a few laughs.

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