Kim is being criticized by Kardashian fans for her massive $220,000 marble bed after the family is accused of “flaunting her wealth.”

Kim Kardashian’s fans have criticized her for showing off her massive $220,000 marble bed. her family was constantly accused of flaunting their wealth.

Billionaire Kim has given fans a rare glimpse of her bedroom with huge white marble slabs on the wall covering much of the room.


Kim Kardashian showed off her huge $220,000 marble bed.Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Billionaire Kim posed in her sexy homewear from her SKIMS collection.


Billionaire Kim posed in her sexy homewear from her SKIMS collection.Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim, 41, took to Instagram to share pictures of her SKIMS home wear.

Wearing a gray crop top and matching shorts, Kim made a storm on her bed as she modeled the outfit.

In a series of images, Kim smolders into the camera in front of a marble backdrop.

But fans were not impressed and criticized her for flaunting her wealth.

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One wrote: “This bed is like an island 🏝️….”

Another wrote: “There’s nothing better than waking up a Kardashian.”

The third one said: “This quartz is in the back 😦”.

This isn’t the first time fans have commented on how Kardashian flaunts her wealth.

Earlier this month, Kim showed off her $5,000 vintage Dolce & Gabbana corset and bejeweled panties.

She launched her new SKKN nine-step skincare line, priced at around $650.

Kim took to Instagram to share how she styled her vintage Dolce & Gabbana outfit.

She paired a bejeweled silver corset with matching high-waisted short panties over a black bodysuit.

The fall 1991 designer corset alone resells on websites for nearly $4,000, while matching briefs sell for $1,000.

Kim showed off her sparkly outfit as she lounged in a chair, holding a rose between her teeth and posing between mirrors.

With many fans clamoring for her sparkling look, the $5,000 outfit came about as the Kardashian family was torn apart for flaunting their wealth.


The reality TV star was previously criticized for pampering her 3-year-old son Psalm with an emerald chain.

Ajay Anand, CEO Marketplace for Rare Carat Diamondstold Kristen Bell Tattoos that the impressive work could cost nearly $200,000.

The jewelry designer exclusively told Kristen Bell Tattoos that the unique chain “contains over 40 carats of emeralds” in square and rectangular cuts.


Kim was also accused of being “out of touch” with her unattainable wealth when she “urged fans” to buy a $25,000 Hermès bag.

The star advertised an expensive Kelly mini bag on her former app.

Kim’s app was launched in 2015, where she shared pregnancy secrets, beauty tips and workouts, streamed live with fans, and held pranks for subscribers.

The app, like her sisters’ app, stopped being updated in 2019 as fans didn’t want to pay for updates from reality TV stars.

Her app costs $3 per month for exclusive content and gifts.

It was the mother of four’s second attempt at an app after launching Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which is still playable on iPhone or iPad.

One of the Reddit users posted ad screenshot with the caption: “When Kim had an app that told her fans what to buy.”

The ad said: “It’s the perfect size! Now I’m obsessed with mini bags. These are the perfect accessories if you want to carry your essentials with you. Below are some of my favorite styles.”

The picture below was a photo of a black bag and a gold button along with the price.

Fans took revenge on Kim on social media for the price of the bag.

“Even if I could afford to spend that much money on a bag, I still wouldn’t,” someone commented.

Other fans in the comments have been telling others that you can get the exact same bag from sites like Wish or Shein for less than $10.

Kim's fans weren't impressed by her huge marble wall


Kim’s fans weren’t impressed by her huge marble wallCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Fans accused the star of flaunting her wealth


Fans accused the star of flaunting her wealthCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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