Kim Kardashian accused of ruining Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress

It’s been over a month since Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing the famous Marilyn Monroe dress at the Met Gala.

And now, the damage caused to the dress by the TV star that night was revealed …

It comes after she faced heavy backlash online for wearing the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to a gala.

Scroll to see shocking pictures for myself…

Now the Kardashian/Jenner clan enough well known.

They all starred in one of the most successful reality shows of all time, and each of the sisters has a huge impact on social media.

They certainly made it to the top of the stairs.

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They are truly impressive entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Whatever you think of them, you can’t deny that they performed well.

Because they weren’t always as impressive as they are now.

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Of course, they always had an element of wealth and fame, but once Keep up with the Kardashians In the beginning, the sisters certainly weren’t the biggest Hollywood success story.

It doesn’t matter what people have said in the past…

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More and more, the family is respected as a major player, especially in the fashion and beauty industry.

Every day we hear something new about their lives.

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The Kardashian Jenners are never away from the headlines.

And they get their fair share of criticism.

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Yes, fans constantly scold the sisters for cultural hairstyles like pigtails.

The famous family is often very candid about the plastic surgeries they have had.

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But fans often note the excessive use of photoshop.

1 person in particular is constantly making waves.

The second eldest of the clan, Kim Kardashian.

Who, contrary to what people think, is actually quite intelligent.

Like her younger sister Kylie Jenner, the star now runs her highly successful beauty empire KKW Beauty and has established herself as a successful entrepreneur.

She also never ceases to amaze people.

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Never be left behind in dizzying fashion moments.

In 2019, the reality TV star reportedly began a four-year apprenticeship at a law firm in San Francisco.

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And she will take state exams in 2022 to qualify. So what is it technically not a law school, but California is one of the few states where you can still take the bar exam and train to be a lawyer. without college or law school degree.

Considering the fact that she barely has enough money, she has four kids, a beauty empire and nosy daddies on her plate…

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It is clear that she is passionate about her future legal career.

But not everyone was on board.

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The general consensus was that she should “stay in her lane” and that anything outside of the beauty and fashion-related spectacle she created from her reality TV stardom was completely unacceptable to her.

Although her legal practice, she benefited people.

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She used her celebrity status for good and was able to successfully convince Donald Trump to commute the prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother serving a life sentence in prison without parole for a non-violent drug offense. VOKS reports.

But that was not all…

The star quietly helped fund the 90 Days of Freedom campaign, which helped free seventeen first-time non-violent drug offenders, and was even called in by the White House to advise on helping change the pardon system.

However, despite her success, she faced a lot of disputes.

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Remember when the star was accused of blackface?

This happened after the photoshoot for 7Hollywood was released and her skin It was visibly darkened.

Whether it was a tan, weird lighting, or overuse of photoshop, it’s no exaggeration to say that Kim was unrecognizable.

And people always have something to say about her methods of education.

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Whether it’s allowing her daughter, North, to wear makeup or letting her wear hoop earrings, parent scolders are always around.

Whatever’s going on in the Kardashian clan, we hear about it.

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Kim can hardly go a week without making headlines.

And last month was no different, as the billionaire beauty mogul shared what she did to fit into her Met Gala dress this year.

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It’s pretty extreme.

People have shared their opinions online after Kim revealed she lost sixteen pounds in twenty-one days…

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One irate Facebook user wrote: “I feel it is important for people, especially young women, to know that this is not normal, unhealthy and beyond the reach of the average person. That’s a weight loss of 5 pounds a week. Why do you praise such rapid weight loss?

Another wrote: “It’s such an unhealthy thing to promote, essentially gloss over eating disorders. No piece of clothing is important enough to put your body under that much stress.”

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A third commented, “I like Kim Kay but she’s not an icon like Marilyn is an ICON in maybe 20 years but this dress should have been in an archive or a museum, it couldn’t be worn.”

By now, everyone knows that Kim Kardashian wore the famous Marilyn Monroe dress.

The dress in which she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK.

According to an interview with La La Anthony on the red carpet, Kim tried on the dress just 3 weeks before the event and it didn’t fit…

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So she went to extreme lengths to fit into a classic dress, shedding sixteen pounds in the weeks leading up to the gala.

It goes without saying that this is unhealthy, and Kim had specialists to help her with nutrition and exercise.

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But it wasn’t just her diet that caused the backlash.

It was the fact that she wore the dress in the first place.

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Some even called it “creepy”.

But most were shocked that such a historically prominent dress was allowed to be worn again…

Because of the damage that could be done to him.

Even fashion designer Bob Mackie spoke out…

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Maki sketched the original dress while he was Jean Louis’ assistant.

“I thought it was a big mistake,” he admitted of Kim’s choice of dress.

Maki said electronic warfare: “[Marilyn] was a goddess. A crazy goddess, but a goddess. She was just fabulous. Nobody takes pictures like that. And it was made for her. It was designed for her. No one else should be seen wearing this dress.”

Turner classic films host Alicia Malone also spoke about the effect on the dress after speaking with Maki…

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“There are all the issues with actually keeping the dress, and things like oxygen can affect the dress,” she explains. “Usually these outfits are stored in very controlled conditions, and we see this in the example of the Met. The costume institute is so meticulous about how they handle these historical items. So it was quite disturbing that she was able to wear it. I personally would like her to wear a replica rather than the real thing.”

She continued, “There are many parallels between Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian in the sense that they are both very good at advertising.”

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“Of course it was a publicity stunt that worked for Kim Kardashian. Marilyn Monroe also loved to create sensations, like with this nude dress. In addition, these are women who have changed the beauty ideal of the moment. Marilyn Monroe, once she got into shape, became very popular in the 1950s. And we see a lot of young women trying to be like Kim Kardashian. For better or worse, she has changed the ideal shape of the female body.”

Malone states that Monroe was “such a hodgepodge of contradictions” and that “it’s not easy to put her in a box and that’s why she’s so attractive.”

She concluded, “I don’t know what Kim Kardashian sees in Marilyn herself and how much she knows about her history. But definitely now Kim will be attached to this dress, as well as Marilyn – so it will be the dress of Marilyn Monroe, which Kim Kardashian also wore to the Met Gala.

And there was certainly some truth in their comments, as it has now been revealed that Monroe’s famous dress was damaged that night…

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The Marilyn Monroe collection took to Instagram on Monday, sharing photos of the dress they claim is now on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

They said the dress was “missing crystals” and some were “left hanging by a thread”.

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The photos, which have since gone viral, were reportedly taken on June 12 by Chad Michael Morrisett at the Hollywood museum where the dress is on display.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection also commented on the state of the dress, writing, “So much for keeping the ‘dress intact and safe’.” @ripleysbelieveitornot was it worth it?

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Back in May, Ripley’s wrote, “It was very important to preserve this piece of pop culture history.” Addendum: “With input from clothing conservationists, appraisers and archivists, the condition of the clothing was a top priority. Believe it or not! the dress didn’t need to be altered, and Kim even changed into a replica after the red carpet!”

You can see the damage to yourself here.

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