Kim Kardashian accused of ‘stealing Kourtney’s thunder’ on her wedding day

People are criticizing Kim Kardashian online after she posted a controversial bikini photo wearing ‘invisible thong’ just a day before Kourtney tied the knot with Travis…

Fans don’t seem to be impressed, with some accusing her of “stealing Kourtney’s thunder”.

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Now not a day goes by that the Kardashian/Jenner clan isn’t in the spotlight…

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Now they are perhaps one of the most famous families.

With new series Kardashian release, the family took center stage.

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Filming for the final season of Hulu began late last year.

Episodes have been released once a week since April.

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In this season Kardashianfans peek inside as Khloe tries to patch things up with Tristan Thompson again while Kylie goes through her second pregnancy.

Fans are also seeing the blossoming of Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker.

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The show showed their engagement, their journey to having a baby, and even touched on elements of co-parenting Kourtney with Scott.

And let’s not forget what hooked everyone …

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Fans hear about Kim’s divorce from Kanye West and her newfound romance with Pete Davidson.

It’s safe to say that Kim and Kanye’s divorce hasn’t been easy in the past few months.

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At one point, Kanye even took to Instagram where he shared countless attacks on Kim as well as Pete.

And on the show’s latest episode, Kim opened up about Kanye telling her her career was “over”.

In an episode that was filmed in November, Kim revealed that Kanye said her career was over after she stylized herself.

Speaking with her sister Kourtney on the show, Kim said she would ask Kanye for advice on everything.

In accordance with Buzz Feed News, Kim said, “I got to the point where I asked him for advice about everything, right down to what I wear. Even now I have panic attacks like: “What should I wear?”

She went on to reveal that Kanye helped her create the style for her appearance on Saturday night lifebut not when she attended the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards.

And, consequently, it was very difficult for her to dress for the awards.

“In New York he styled me completely for SNL,” she said. “Then for the Wall Street Journal, I received an innovator award for Skims and thought, ‘How can I wear something that hasn’t been pre-tested?’

According to the publication, Kim came to the event in a brown leather dress with matching gloves.

However, it looks like Kanye wasn’t impressed with her look, as Kim revealed when talking to Kourtney that Kanye called her afterward and told her her career was over.

“And then he called me after that,” she said. “He told me my career was over and then showed me a picture of Marge Simpson in something similar.”

And now, Kim has shocked millions of her fans by posting a photo of herself in “invisible” thongs.

Same weekend as her sister’s wedding.

Kim captioned the post, “Sunshine Bum” and it’s been liked over 5 million times.

One fan commented, “Cake by the ocean,” while another wrote that it was “the best picture of 2022.”

However, many pointed out that she posted an old photo as she currently has blonde locks.

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Leaving many to comment that she is trying to steal her sister’s thunder on her wedding weekend.

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While another wrote: “Really. Wow. It’s just so stupid.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan traveled to the Italian city of Portofino this weekend for Kourtney’s wedding.

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And they all looked incredible.

But we just can’t forget Kim’s return this weekend.

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