Kim Kardashian bought sister Kourtney the perfect gift

KIM Kardashian bought her sister Kourtney the perfect gift – and it only cost $ 57.

This comes after Courtney and her fiancé Travis Barker left for Montecito as fans think Courtney may be pregnant.


Kim Kardashian gave her sister Kourtney the perfect gift, but it only cost $ 57Credit: Instagram
Kim gave Courtney sexy stiletto heels with a skull


Kim gave Courtney sexy stiletto heels with a skullCredit: Instagram

42-year-old Kourtney posted a snapshot of her sexy gift from 41-year-old Kim.

The elder Kardashian shared a photo of a pair of high platform shoes with a skull flashed from the platform.

She captioned her post: “LOL, I come home to these in my closet from Kim Kardashian.”

Although Kim came up with the perfect aesthetic for her sister Courtney after her engagement to her fiancé rock drummer Travis, the shoes barely hurt Kim’s wallet.

The shoes cost just $ 57 compared to the $ 500 Gucci romper that Courtney gave her future stepdaughter Alabama Barker on her 16th birthday.

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Courtney and Travis showcased their romantic trip to Montecito with a walk along the beach at the same location where they got engaged.

The couple looked blissfully happy as they walked down to the water with drinks in hand.

The Keeping Up With Kardashians alum first shared a video of ice cream and caramel they enjoyed at Oliver’s of Montecito.

After Kourtney shared photos of a Christmas tree outside and a beach at night, Kourtney shared a video of a gorgeous beach during the day.

This place is special to Kourtney because Travis asked for her hand and heart in the same place.

Kourtney then shared a video of her exercising at the gym before showing off the pasta she enjoyed for Wednesday night’s dinner.

Next to the photo, a mother of three wrote: “Pamper yourself, don’t be fooled.”

In their latest Instagram Stories photo, they captured them outside the hotel, which was festively decorated with wreaths and white lights.


Kourtney has been accused of showing off her sexy lingerie that she wore during their couple’s vacation.

But Courtney ignored the haters on Wednesday as she shared a photo of her lewd bedroom outfit for their night out.

Founder Poosh snapped a black sheer babydoll dress with two red palm prints on the neckline and red fluffy trim.

She put the negligee on a dirty bed with white sheets and placed her feet at the bottom of the photo, captioning it: “Through the night …”

Travis expressed appreciation for his fiance’s post by sharing it on his Instagram Stories.

Critics flooded Reddit asking the couple to stop showing their PDA on social media.

One wrote: “This is so embarrassing for her life and her soul,” and the other asked: “Are the red hands pressed to her chest?


Even before the engagement, fans wondered if Courtney was pregnant with the drummer’s baby.

After the KUWTK star shared a photo of the sweets she enjoyed on Tuesday night, Instagram users wondered if she was satisfying her pregnancy cravings.

She showed off delicious food after showing off a kitchen cabinet stuffed with her huge collection of junk food at her $ 8.5 million home.

In the video, the TV presenter showed a series of chips, cookies and sweets from the Bussin Snacks brand.

Courtney shot whimsical flavors of Cheetos, Doritos, Lays, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts, Lollipops, Snickers, Oreos and Smartfood Popcorn while Christmas music played in the background.

The extreme platform shoes were sold on the Pleasure Shoes lingerie site.


The extreme platform shoes were sold on the Pleasure Shoes lingerie site.Credit: Shoes for fun.
Courtney is back from a romantic getaway in Montecito with her fiancé Travis Barker.


Courtney is back from a romantic getaway in Montecito with her fiancé Travis Barker.Credit: BackGrid
On the trip, Courtney showed off some of her new sexy lingerie.


On the trip, Courtney showed off some of her new sexy lingerie.Credit: Instagram
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker spend time on the same beach where they got engaged

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