Kim Kardashian criticized for filming while driving when enraged daughter North, 9, screams and demands mom stop and delete video

Kim Kardashian has been heavily criticized for filming while she was driving with her daughter North and niece Penelope in a car.

Nine-year-old North yelled at 41-year-old Kim to stop recording and delete the video.


Kim Kardashian criticized by fans for filming while drivingCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Daughter Kim North and her niece Penelope were in the back seat of the car.


Daughter Kim North and her niece Penelope were in the back seat of the car.Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum shared the video on her Instagram on Thursday.

video begins with Kim exclaiming, “Sing it girls,” as she encourages 10-year-old Penelope and North to sing the lyrics to the song playing through the stereo.

Penelope looks shyly at her cousin before the tape cuts off and Kim takes the lead role in Bruno Mars’ Versace On The Floor.

The video then jumps forward in time to see North from the back seat begging the founder of SKIMS to delete whatever she just recorded.

“Mom mom!” yells a nine-year-old girl before throwing her hands up and pleading, “Please delete this!”

Surprised, Kim smiles at her embarrassed daughter and continues to sing.

Kardashian fans were quick to comment on the car karaoke in the comments section of the posts.

One person commented, “Love these two – and you, too, Kim.”

While another added: “[one of] the joy of motherhood returns to them with unpleasant moments!!”

A fan posted the video on a dedicated Kardashian-themed Reddit board, where fans seemed far less amused by Kim’s video.

One person commented, “She’s so obsessed with herself and social media that she can’t put her phone away while driving.”

Another fan wrote, “She shouldn’t be recording and driving. That’s what annoys me. I can’t stand this shit. So dangerous.”

One stunned Redditor asked, “Is she driving?” while another added, “With kids?”

The third person responded by smiling, saying, “What the fuck.”

Another fan asked, “Why would she post this? North is unhappy and directly asks her to remove it. It seems so intrusive.”

While the fifth person responded, “Kim sees nothing wrong with embarrassing or annoying his kids on social media.”


Kardashian fans recently criticized Kim for “bad parenting” during Paris Fashion Week last month.

Kim posted several photos and videos on Instagram from her trip to the fashion capital of the world.

Her daughter posed and posed in adorable menswear-inspired looks alongside her mom and grandma Kris Jenner.

Although one subtle aspect of her appearance has previously bothered some fans; the young man had a fake nose ring.

She came out with twisted braids in her hair, dark oval sunglasses and, indeed, with a hoop in her nose, like her mother.

North also wore a pinstriped vest with a white button-down shirt – and no doubt looked cute in all the photos, even if some thought the chain accessory was inappropriate for a child.

However, a new clip included with Kim’s latest daring shots has fans worried, as North seemed to be just that.

Sitting next to her mother at the Jean Paul Gaultier show—Anna Wintour two seats down—North held up a handwritten poster.

The word “STOP” was written in capital letters with a pen.


North seemed to be giving the photographers at the exhibition a distress call, albeit a memorable one.

Kim took it lightly when she shared the clip that ended her new post, writing in the caption:

“Everyone who knows North knows how funny she finds the last slide!

“I think North had issues with the people who were taking pictures of her, so she wrote STOP on her invitation and held it up, wishing they would just focus on the show…”

However, not all fans found the sign as funny as Kim did and felt that North was clearly uncomfortable.


On Reddit, hundreds of critics expressed their disgust, questioning Kim’s upbringing without removing North from the situation.

“I feel sorry for North. This is not good and Kim needs to put an end to this,” wrote one of them.

“Kim doesn’t want to stop it, she encourages it,” wrote another.

“She should point this sign at her mother, the person who drags her to these events as a prop,” snapped a third.

“However, it’s sad and Kim doesn’t care because she’s just going to push the ‘she’s just like her father’ agenda,” wrote a fourth, referring to Kim’s ex-husband and North father Kanye West.

“Kim totally sees this, she thinks it’s cute and adds to their fame lol,” wrote a fifth.

The sixth remarked sadly: “Poor child. Now we know she keeps a pen handy in her little purses.”

North begged her mom to stop filming and delete the video she had already recorded.


North begged her mom to stop filming and delete the video she had already recorded.Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Kardashian fans have said they don't think North's nose accessory is appropriate for a child.


Kardashian fans have said they don’t think North’s nose accessory is appropriate for a child.1 credit
North staged a stop sign for photographers during Paris Fashion Week.


North staged a stop sign for photographers during Paris Fashion Week.1 credit

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