Kim Kardashian criticized for showcasing custom Skittles on a $150 million private jet as fans say she ‘flaunts’ her wealth

Kim Kardashian has come under fire for showing off custom-made silver Skittles on her $150 million private jet.

The reality TV star, 41, adorned her luxurious Kim Air jet in muted shades of gray and beige.


Kim Kardashian has been criticized for showing off custom Skittles on her $150 million private jet.1 credit
She showed sweets in a gray bowl


She showed sweets in a gray bowlCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
The reality TV star decked out her jet in muted beige and gray tones.


The reality TV star decked out her jet in muted beige and gray tones.1 credit

And Kim stayed true to her monotonous color scheme right down to the snacks on board, showing off a gray stone bowl filled with silver-gray skittles.

She posted a photo of the sweets to her Instagram stories on Monday after flying in her plane.

Kim’s critics criticized the founder of SKIMS for showing off an “unnecessary” snack.

One of them wrote on Reddit: “Why does everything have to be metal with her???”.

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Another added, “And the Kim Air/Skkn aesthetic just screams Kanye. Nothing Kim about it,” and a third simply wrote, “So unnecessary.”

The backlash came after Kim was accused of flaunting her wealth in a resurfaced 2016 tweet.

The reality TV star was criticized for bragging about how much money she made from her mobile game.

Kim wrote, “Sorry I’m late to the party guys, I’ve been busy cashing a check for 80 million video games and transferring 53 million to our joint account.”

The tweet talked about the money she made from the free mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

In the game, players try to climb the Hollywood hierarchy and achieve enough fame to become celebrities.


Kim, who is reportedly worth over a billion dollars, lives in a $60 million mansion in Hidden Hills, Louisiana, with her four children.

Earlier this year, she angered fans with her “disengaged” comments about work and success.

In an interview with Diversity, she said, “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your fucking ass up and get to work.

“It seems like no one wants to work these days.”

On Instagram, fans were quick to share their disapproval.


One wrote: “I love the ladies, but this screams privilege. I’m sorry it’s not that easy for many.

“The idea that no one wants to work is wrong and it’s a hackneyed argument that billionaires use to suppress the working class.”

Another added: “They have no idea how the ‘real’ world works. Many women cannot get a babysitter and the luxurious things in everyday life that they have.”

A third chimed in: “This statement sounds like a toxic boss who can’t find people to fill positions because he’s offering crappy terms.”

Last year, the mother-of-four came under fire again for displaying a collection of luxury toy cars for her children, while others suffered economic and family losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She showed off a garage full of mini cars, including an orange Lamborghini and a pink Mercedes G-wagon, worth $300 each.

Kim’s garage at her Hidden Hills home also has several electric scooters, a monster truck, and an ATV.

Kim lives in her $60 million mansion with her four children.


Kim lives in her $60 million mansion with her four children.1 credit
The star has been accused of flaunting her wealth in the past.


The star has been accused of flaunting her wealth in the past.1 credit

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