Kim Kardashian criticized for ‘stealing’ the SKKN name from a star with a ‘terribly similar’ brand after reacting to high prices

Kim Kardashian has been criticized for “stealing” the SKKN name from model and entrepreneur Lori Harvey.

Kim, 41, has also faced legal resistance, which could escalate into a lawsuit, from another source with a similar moniker.


Kim Kardashian announced her new skincare brand SKKN on Wednesday.1 credit
Socialite Laurie Harvey owns an established skincare brand, SKN by LH.


Socialite Laurie Harvey owns an established skincare brand, SKN by LH.Credit: Instagram/@sknbylh

On Wednesday, Kim took to Instagram to announce her new SKKN skincare line.

The beauty mogul captioned the post, “I’m thrilled to finally introduce you to SKKN BY KIM, the nine-product anti-aging skincare ritual I designed from start to finish.”

“I’ve had the privilege of learning about skin and skin care from the world’s leading dermatologists and estheticians for many years, and every bottle of my new line is filled with the knowledge I’ve gained in that time.”

Kim continued, “You’ll be introduced to reusable packaging and pure, science-based ingredients designed to nourish all skin types, tones and textures at all stages of maturity. I created this line so everyone can feel confident in their skin and I can’t wait to finally share it with you!”

The mother-of-four concluded her announcement with, “SKKN BY KIM launches June 21 at 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET exclusively on SKKNBYKIM.COM.”

The brand’s announcement drew criticism on several fronts.

Many fans have pointed out that the name of the skin care brand is very similar, in fact, by one letter, to an already existing skin care product owned by Lori Harvey.

Lori, 25, is a model, entrepreneur, and socialite, the daughter of comedian Steve Harvey and the girlfriend of actor Michael B. Jordan.

Last October, the model launched SKN by LH.

This is a five-step skin care regimen that includes products similar to Kim’s SKKN, including cleanser, toner, and vitamin C serum.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their concern and outrage over the line of the same name.

One fan tweeted, “SKKN from Kim? What happened to SKN by Lori Harvey???

Another wrote: “Note: this name is too close to Laurie Harvey’s skincare brand for me. LH’s SKN vs Kim’s SKKN – I don’t like it.”

While a third added: “SKKN from Kim Kardashian. SKN by Lori Harvey. She couldn’t find another name?


Kim has already run into legal problems with the SKKN name.

After she filed for divorce from 44-year-old Kanye West last year, the entrepreneur announced that she was closing her famous cosmetics line with plans for a complete rebrand.

Kristen Bell Tattoos received documents showing that the founder of SKIMS has filed a trademark application to acquire the SKKN name, which will cover “retail store services offering skin care products, cosmetics, hair, nails and beauty products, tools and accessories. , fragrances, perfumes, candles, vitamins and supplements. ” along with many other departments including household items.

However, the reality TV star is facing legal resistance from Sidney Lunsford, the owner of SKKN+spa and beauty salon owned by blacks in New York City.

According to legal documents obtained by Kristen Bell Tattoos, SKKN+ has been using the small business moniker “since at least 2018” — years before Kim applied to use the same name for her company.

In addition to her own spa, Cindy also sells SKKN+ product lines, which can be purchased on her website or in-store.

Kristen Bell Tattoos spoke to a lawyer Eric Peltonwhich represents Cindy and SKKN+ and said that despite their “multiple attempts” to stop Kim from continuing, she is still “promoting the name”.

“We still haven’t decided,” the lawyer said after several attempts by Kim to thwart SKKN, including serving the TV host a cease and desist letter back in July.

“My client will take every step to protect himself and stop this, which will likely include going to court sooner.”

“The best solution for [Kim] choose another name. She has been warned about this for months now,” Eric insisted, claiming that his client does not want “any financial compensation” and just wants Kim to change the name of her company.

Eric then explained that there is very little he can legally do at this time, but that will change if or when Kim launches SKKN and starts making profits on behalf of him.

“There are no sales yet [from Kim’s new line]there is not even the possibility of litigation, because there is another type of damage caused, it is more hypothetical.

“Once the launch takes place, it will change everything. But we will vigorously take all legal actions to protect my client, ”he said.


In addition to the name of the product line, fans were also outraged by its price.

When discussing inspiration for her new skincare line, Kim said, “I just wanted to stay true to exactly what I use, even if everyone said it was overwhelming.”

She continued talking about the nine-step skincare routine: “That’s why I’m here – to break it down to say, ‘They’re all essential.'”

According to The newspaper “New York Timesthe total cost of the nine products of the system is “$630”.

Kim justified the high price by explaining her refusal to compromise on the best ingredients.

“It’s definitely more prestige, and in order to get the types of ingredients that I really wouldn’t miss out on, it was kind of a must.”

The reality TV star’s fans took issue with the high price tag.

On Twitter, one wrote: “$630? This shit needs to be super sized. Who the hell can afford that?”

Another chimed in: “You can buy it all for less than $100 from other brands. There is nothing special about it.”

One user per Reddit added, “That makes her so incredibly different.”

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Despite the backlash, billionaire Kim claims high prices are a “necessity” to get quality ingredients for her products.

Kim's skin care routine consists of nine products.  In a similar line of products by Lori Harvey, SKN by LH, there are five of them.


Kim’s skin care routine consists of nine products. In a similar line of products by Lori Harvey, SKN by LH, there are five of them.Credit: Hannah Tveit
Kim has faced legal opposition from New York spa SKKN+ over the use of the name.


Kim has faced legal opposition from New York spa SKKN+ over the use of the name.1 credit
Lori Harvey with boyfriend Michael B. Jordan


Lori Harvey with boyfriend Michael B. Jordan1 credit

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