Kim Kardashian didn’t spend New Years with boyfriend Pete Davidson in Miami because former Kanye West “ couldn’t look at kids ”

KIM Kardashian and Pete Davidson couldn’t spend New Years Eve together because former reality TV show Kanye West couldn’t watch his kids, so she called in 2022 and called the family romance instead.

The Saturday Night Live comic hosted an event in Miami with Miley Cyrus.


Kim Kardashian couldn’t celebrate New Years with Pete Davidson because she didn’t have a nannyCredit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Kanye West reportedly said he was busy flying to Miami for his party.


Kanye West reportedly said he was busy flying to Miami for his party.Credit: Getty

Fans speculated that Kim and Pete would be together in Miami, however, when the big night fell, the founder of KKW Beauty was nowhere to be found.

In accordance with Hollywood life it’s all thanks to Kanye.

Sources told the publication that 28-year-old Pete invited Kim to the event, but she had to refuse.

An insider said, “Kim was apprehensive about going to Miami because she really wanted to be with Pete.

“She knew how much this concert meant to him and how much he wanted her to be there.

“He asked her [to go to Miami] when they spent Christmas together in Los Angeles.

“But when she contacted Kanye to ask if he could look after the kids, Kanye said he wouldn’t.”

Kim initially did not understand why the rapper was not at large, but … it turns out he had his own plans in Florida.

A source said, “Kim knew one of them needed to be there with her kids on New Year’s Eve because they agreed that one of them would always be with the kids for the holidays.

“Since Kanye said he had plans, Kim canceled all preliminary plans that she was supposed to leave. [to Miami] On the 31st.

“Kim always puts her kids first, no matter what.”

She later found out that Kanye was planning to throw a party in Miami.


Upon learning of the party, Kim was taken aback by her ex’s decision not to mention the fact.

A Hollywood Life insider said: “She feels like she is honest, straightforward and pure in her intentions, and he is playing games.

“And just like [his recent] buying a house, her family thinks it’s a little weird.

“She can’t wait for the divorce to end.”

As for Kanye’s decision to move across the street from Kim, the reality star is underwhelmed, according to sources.

The insider said InTouch Weekly that she’s not “necessarily thrilled” about the move.

The source added: “Kim may need to make some adjustments. I mean, nobody wants their ex to live right across the street.

“It’s not the most common divorce situation – starting a new life, dating and all that.”

Then the source added: “[But] he wants to be constantly present while raising his children at the same time, and for Kanye this means that physically he needs to be as close to [their kids] as far as it’s possible.

“The good news is that the children are very happy that Daddy has become closer. [Kanye] does it his own way and he wants to be with his kids and Kim too. “


As previously reported, rapper Donda lost $ 4.5 million on a $ 60 million house right across the street from Kim’s Hidden Hills estate.

He paid $ 420,000 in excess of his request for the house, which was built in 1955.

Kanye won’t go straight into the house.

Instead, he plans to demolish the house and start over.

It is unclear when he plans to move into the house, but sources said he wants to start renovating “as soon as possible.”

The insider said PEOPLE: “Kanye’s new home is demolished. He only bought it for that place. He is next to Kim and the kids.

“He has a vision of the house and plans to start building as soon as possible.”

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021.

The couple had been married for almost seven years at the time.

She has since moved on to Pete, whom she contacted while performing on SNL.

The two have been spotted on several dates together, including a movie date and a romantic dinner on Staten Island.

Kim was spotted leaving Pete’s home in New York after spending the weekend with him.

They were then seen together again in Los Angeles, having breakfast at the Fountain Coffee Shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Pete was in Miami to host an event with Miley Cyrus.


Pete was in Miami to host an event with Miley Cyrus.Credit: Getty
He and Kim have been dating for several months now.


He and Kim have been dating for several months now.Credit: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante
She has four children with her ex


She has four children with her exCredit: Donna Troop for SKIMS.
Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson walks shirtless and shows off a full chest of tattoos as he prepares to host his New Years Eve job in Miami.

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